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Simone March 16, 2011

I’ve been working away on another project with talented illustrator, Natka The Great which is ongoing (you’ll see why in a moment). We’ve stumbled upon this engaging project which is akin to the writing game, ‘Consequences‘. I started the ball rolling with writing a short piece of flash fiction which in turn Natka added the next part of the story with visuals. Then she would draw the next segment and I would write the next piece of story…. And so on. We give each other no guidance or heads up about what we want to include, we literally just naturally take the story on a mini adventure each time and so far the results are exciting.


What’s more, it keeps up creatively stimulated. They’re quick flashes of something that are part of a bigger project. The one thing we’ve decided to do is a) keep doing one piece of text and accompanying illustration a month and b) keep it in line with one character. So what we’re doing is giving the viewer/reader one person to follow.


And that is Simone.



We previewed the first two month’s worth of work at Interrobang earlier this month and we got great feedback. It was quite breathtaking seeing them blown up bigger and hung with the text, I was really proud of what we’ve achieved so far. The idea is that we’ll keep returning to Interrobang as the collection progresses so regulars can follow the story. Also we’ll be aiming to hang them as an exhibition once the collection is complete at the end of the year.


Click here for the first two installments…




3 Responses to “Simone”

  1. […] time I’ve got two things happening (again). First up you’ll be able to see the Simone project so far, there will be 8 installments for you to gander at. And secondly I’ll be there […]

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