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November Interrobang, See You There? October 26, 2011

So once again, myself and Natka The Great have been speeding through our ‘Simone’ series. I cannot believe that it’s nearly been a year since we started this project. We started it in January (ish) and we’re tying up the ends of Simone’s narrative this December. We won’t have the entire finished current series to show you in November, but we will have one last showing of it as work-in-progress at Interrobang next month. And when I say next month I mean next week.

Myself and Natka have really loved the creative juices this project has sparked. We’ve enjoyed giving each other those cliffhangers only to find more at every turn. Simone is someone we’ve both grown to love and explore. As much as her story will end in December, her character will live on, it’s inevitable. And we’re talking of doing other characters… I’ll keep you in the loop about that.

To get those who aren’t in the know up to speed, it’s like a game of consequences but with the exchange being between an illustrator and a writer. We don’t tell each other where we want the story to head, we just put our creative thoughts and interpretations down on to paper and then let the other pick up where we’ve left off.



You can see our collection so far in person at Interrobang at The Book Club on Tuesday 1st along with some fantastic acts. The doors open at 7pm and kicks off at 7:55pm at 100 Leonard Street EC2 (nearest Tube: Old Street). I’ll be there if you want to come along and say howdy, but also if you want to ask me any questions about this project. Here’s a reminder of our first two months work to whet your appetite… 

Clicky clicky here!


And a sneak peek at a newer one… 


It would be a pleasure to see a big crowd for the last Interrobang of the year, it’s bound to be a goodun. See below for other acts on the night:

Tuesday 1st November
Exactly the same…yet slightly different!
Doors 7pm
Show Starts 7.55pm
Entry £5/£3 concs.
@ The Bookclub
100 Leonard Street
www.interrobangtime.co.uk/ www.wearetbc.com 


Do not miss us this November! Come and get cosy Downstairs at the Bookclub for this specially themed Interrobang. As many of you know, in the summer I teamed up with Welsh Theatre-Maker Aimee Corbett to walk from Mid-Wales to London collecting stories. This month we will be presenting an exhibition of some of the stories we have collected; as well as inviting a line-up of very special guest-performers to offer their own responses to the theme of Storytelling and Collecting. Come along at 7pm so you have time to see and interact with the exhibits before the show begins at 7.55pm. And remember, the Bookclub serves a great evening menu and we have tables downstairs so you can dine in comfort while enjoying the show. After it is all finished, anyone who wants to can stay on for a story-collecting session with Aimee and I; and I can guarantee you will be inspired to tell some stories of your own! 


Now if that’s not enough to whet your appetite; have a look at the line up: 


Bret Goldstein
Bret ss an incredible Stand Up Comedian and a natural Story teller. He recieved rave reviews this year for his Edinburgh show ‘Bret Goldstein Grew Up In A Strip Club’, described by the Guardian as a thoughtful reflection on fathers and sons, men and women and the nature of fantasy’ and recieving the review “Goldstein has filtered the funniest moments of that formative experience into an expertly told hour-long story, bringing out the mordant wit of what must have been a tough time..in the telling, he has great timing, pace and sense of dramatic storytelling that keeps the action moving – as well as the ability to really create a sense of mood and of place….” from Chortle. Not to be missed. 


Camilla Fiori
In between performing at Latitude and the Southbank Centre the utterly charming Camilla Fiori finds time to write really funny, intelligent and genuine poetry. She gave a gutsy, sincere and well-measured performance last year at Interrobang, so I am thrilled to have her back. 


Jamie Doe
Singer & Guitarist of Magic Lantern (“pretty special I think you’ll agree-outstanding acoustic song writing!”-tom Robinson, BBC 6 Music) Jamie Doe will be telling us stories and singing us songs! Check out the Magic Lantern page for a taster of what to expect http://www.myspace.com/themagiclantern


Camille Delean
Lovely Canadian folk singer Camille Delean has not been in London long, but she has already had the sense to hook up with excellent guitarist Ben Walker. This will be a sweet and glorious performance for sure. 


Drawn To Stars
On their journey from Mid Wales to London Aimee Corbett and Vanessa Hammick collected over 200 stories. They have begun to turn these stories into various performances and exhibits. See them employ film, puppetry and installation to bring the stories of their journey to life, as part of an ongoing process. And of course, share some stories of your own! 



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