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Interrobang Wahey! May 2, 2011

So another reason I’ve been busy is because myself and Natka The Great have been ploughing through our ‘Simone’ series. To get those who aren’t in the know up to speed, it’s like a game of consequences but with the exchange being between an illustrator and a writer. What we’re loving about this project is that it’s keeping us both actively creative, but also we’re developing this character and her narrative without prescribing it it any way. We don’t tell each other where we want the story to head, we just put our creative thoughts and interpretations down on to paper and then let the other pick up where we’ve left off.


You can see our collection so far in person at Interrobang at The Book Club on Tuesday 3rd along with some fantastic acts. The night kicks off at 7:30 at 100 Leonard Street EC2 (nearest Tube: Old Street). I’ll be there if you want to come along and say howdy, but also if you want to ask me any questions about this project. Here’s our first two months work to get you up to speed…

Clicky clicky here!

The newer stuff? Well you’ll just have to come along and have a look for yourself, won’t you.


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