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Interrobang: Intimate AND Simone September 23, 2011

It’s that time again where Interrobang takes over The Book Club and a whole array of art, literature, music, photography, installation, theatre gubbins happen in the downstairs light-bulbed room.



This time I’ve got two things happening (again). First up you’ll be able to see the Simone project so far, there will be 8 installments for you to gander at. And secondly I’ll be there with the one-on-one theatre experience called, ‘Intimate‘ with Papercut Theatre.


Do come along not only because I will be there (that may put you off), but because it’s all kinds of ace. There’s lots of different things happening on the night so there will be something to tickle your fancy. And all that for under a fiver. Niceness. 
Tuesday 27th September
Time: 7.30pm – 9.30pm
Door: £5, £3 concession
(Nearest Tube: Old Street)



One Response to “Interrobang: Intimate AND Simone”

  1. Kim Shankar Says:

    Hi, I was at the Book Club but was unable to get a chance to see your work. In particular, there was an illustration of a woman nearly drowning in post stick notes – I would really like to read the accompanying text.

    Could you perhaps send it to me?


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