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FUTURESPARK with @how_it_ended June 16, 2013

I first encountered the theatre company How It Ended Productions on Twitter a few years ago. They were on the lips of many that I’d talked to, and I was intrigued by the work they put out. I even pledged some cash in their WeFund campaign to help them get to Edinburgh. I was all for helping out a theatre company, especially when they were so close to home (they’re based in Luton). I was excited to see their work and looking forward to meeting them. Then I got busy. Which meant that I didn’t get to see their work or meet them.


Skip forward a fews years and now they’ve mounting a short play of mine alongside others in their event called FUTURESPARK this July. So I will get to see their work, I will get to meet them and I’m obviously working with them. This pleases me so. My short play DROPPING SEQUINS will be directed by Madelaine Smith who I kind of know already from Twitter firstly, then through a mutual actor friend, and then because I invited her to a reading of one of my other plays to give feedback based on our previous interaction. There you go folks, as they sing in Bugsy Malone, “You give a little love and it all comes back to you (na, na, na, na-na-na-naaaaaaa)“.


So we’re casting this week and it’s quite a rhythmical piece, not intentional but it just came out that way. There’s dancing, some spoken word elements… It’s going to be fun. The springboard stimulus was the word ‘Carnival’. I ended up writing about two girls who are best friends getting ready to dance in the carnival – but they’re also planning something else untoward and the Carnival is the perfect cover. But aside from that, I should probably tell you the date, time, place .etc.


11th July – 8:00pm

12th July – 11:00am



The second performance is FREE and is for ANYONE! (But if you are a school and would like to arrange a group booking contact futurespark@howitended.co.uk) Both performances will be at the UK Centre For Carnival Arts (UKCCA) and you can buy tickets HERE!

It’s looking to be a treat with 8 short plays, live music and other happenings. I will obviously be in attendance, and if you can get your fine self there too it would be grand. As much as it’s nice getting work on at all, it’s especially nice getting it on so close to home. Come!



Ship Notes March 27, 2012

I’ve managed to flex my writing muscle in several ways on different projects, each beneficial in their own way. Twitter, whether you like it or not, features heavily in this flexing. It anchors me down to be as precise and clear cut about what I want to say due to the character restriction. Regardless of content it’s a great way to coerce yourself to be more aware of editing. Plus you can see how other people do it too. It’s not for everyone, but I love it. It’s a case of doing things together, en force.

This has hung in my dentist since I can remember. And I've been going to him as long as I can remember.


This also ties in neatly with Ship Notes. I approached a good friend and fellow creative, Neil Fox, about embarking on a collaboration. It was decided that we would do this. And then the project came about very organically. Myself and Neil have created a fictional relationship out of post-it notes left for one another on a fictional fridge. We’ve conversed in short pithy and poignant post-it notes for an entire year. The relationship we’ve crafted has had glorious moments of beauty and also shitty pockets of malaise through the text. And nothing has been planned. The only thing we were certain on was the fact each note was going to be written on a post-it note so therefore couldn’t be too long, and that we would do it for a year. No stress on how many we had to do, both Neil and myself are busy folks, just await the email in the inbox and respond when you can. The importance on what we wrote was significant. One moment one would be the crutch, the other the victim of selfishness. It really was quite powerful to experience. And when you read the thread back it kicks you around because they are glimmers of a relationship, part of a bigger picture. Things are mentioned that never resurface, recurring moments weedle their way when you least expect it. And all in all it’s a collage of a relationship that both myself and Neil have collectively and instinctively explored. And wow it’s been a real kick to the gut sometimes. The power of a few sentences or even a few words has really made me hone into the language I use in other areas. It’s made me boil down the essence of my long-winded conversations and made me pin it to the mast to act as someone else’s springboard.

Found this and various other cues glued into a book on the shelf in The Arcola.

It’s a project that has left me smarting at times and also completely enamoured. Many times I’ve opened the email to find myself breathless at the next chapter or laughing incredulously. It really has felt like a relationship that I’ve been on call for when the email pops up, an emotional rollercoaster in every way. And I cannot wait to show them off, but we’re not ready yet. We have two brilliant photographers, Laura Wood and Ben Woodall, who are embarking on a similar journey using our notes. But when we’re ready, you’ll be the first to know.



Twitter Whore Who Wrote Secret Writings July 1, 2010

Twitter has been a staple of my daily doings for over a year now. What started as a toe-dip into what all the fuss was about (and the persistence of my Bigger Brother) made me curious to see if anyone had already taken the username @KatieMcCullough. They had not. Well, not until I nabbed it. Now it’s mine and I’m glad I did it.


Through the simple act of being myself and tweeting my ramblings and even going as far as tweeting my mundane doings I’ve garnered a steady amount of followers and I follow a whole lot of people back. If you’re unsure what I’m jabbering about then you’ve been living under a rock. Even if you don’t tweet you’ll know what it is, surely? Anywho. I’ve ‘met‘ some Lovely people on there and at my fingertips are a plethora of people who give me advice, support and motivation. And who wouldn’t want that? I say ‘met‘ because I’ve got to know these fine folk online. But then due to the wonder of technology and being open to anything I’ve actually properly met some of these people. And they’re just as Lovely in real life as their online personas are.


The biggest wave of people I met in one go had to have been at the Screenwriters’ Festival in Cheltenham where I had many people come up to me knowing who I was and me not having a clue who they were. Mention the word Twitter or screen names and it all becomes vividly clear. I remember my Bosses being a little overwhelmed at how many people I knew considering we were in a large room full of potential strangers.


Skip forward a bit and I’ve been to parties of people I barely knew and had a great rolicking time. I’ve been to film festivals and sketch shows and panel discussions and talks and screenings and all with, by or because of the people I’ve met on Twitter. The circles are getting smaller and smaller in my life which more than often surprises me but sometimes goes to show that things happen for a reason.


Par examplar… An actor I used for an ICA Lab called Adam Lannon (@adamlannon) had a show on in Edinburgh whilst I was there. Because we’d kept in contact via Facebook/email/text and Twitter I went along. At the same time they launched the Edinburgh review site just for Twitter. So being a sporting kind of chapess I gladly tweeted about it and Adam Lannon tweeted his thanks. And in that tweet he mentioned that both I and @drgonzolives were present at the show. Subsequently @drgonzolives started to follow me and we got on like a house on fire loving the same music/films/and everything else. Skip forward a few months and because I work with film distribution to film festivals I tweeted about some festival I had got a film into which I’d been trying to for a number of years. What resulted was a conversation about film festivals which then resulted in us talking about Filmstock (which ran in Luton and finished this year with an almighty hearty bang) to which I said that I’d submitted a film into on behalf of the same company I was working for. And whaddyasay who runs this aforementioned film festival? Yes, the one and only @drgonzolives. Which meant I had been emailing Neil years previously and whose website I used to check every year with the intention of going and because the site was lush looking. Who then put me in touch with the guy who designs their website Chris Henley (@24exp). Neil has become a close friend to whom I have a lot of time for and who is remarkably Lovely.



As a result of getting on so incredibly well with @drgonzolives a fair few of his followers decided to take a punt on me. Including the delicious @loo_rah, @oneandonlycarly and @markofrespect. Carly is someone who can make things happen and who makes me laugh and generally makes me feel good. We got chatting on Twitter a while back and simply clicked. And what’s more she took a further punt on me by coming to see my play “The White Room” which was not only heartwarming but equally terrifying as the original it was adapted from, “The Yellow Wallpaper”, is one of her favourite stories. Cue the nerves. And not only did she come but she brought along a small gaggle of women who all enjoyed it – and one of them was @loo_rah. Now I’d met @loo_rah (Laura) before whilst we were both drunk where she promptly told me she followed me and knew who I was. I was flattered at the time and because we were both drunk and dancing along to Interpol it didn’t seem sinister at all. (On a side note I will mention the whole reason we were together in the first place was because of @drgonzolives closing party for the previously mentioned Filmstock…).


Anywho I digress. Basically Twitter is a great place for me to make a whole bunch of new friends and what’s more follow it up in real life. Not long ago I went to @oneandonlycarly‘s 10 year wedding anniversary/graduation party where not only did I get drunk again with @loo_rah and dance to Interpol (it’s obviously becoming our anthem Laura!) but I met a whole load of MORE people who I now chat to on Twitter and who I will inevitably converse with in real life (@tepatie@xlaux@peterrory@KisAndie@Abers1@woody_ben). As a very busy (alternative reading – lonely) person who works an incredible amount at their computer this is not only handy but really entertaining. They’re true friends who I have a lot of time for and who I worry for when they’re not feeling so good, am elated for when good things happen to them and who I know would go out of their way to do the same for me.


Once again I digress terribly. I apologise, I came here to do something different. As a result of going to see a sketch show written and performed by @drgonzolives I went with @oneandonlycarly and @loo_rah and as a surprise guest @markofrespect appeared. The person who made it happen? Yuppers, it was @oneandonlycarly. And what followed was a fantastic night where after talking to Mark online for a long time it was finally time to see if he stood up as being such a nice chap in real life. And he was. He was down from Glasgow where he lives for a short time and I’m insanely glad I got to meet him. We talked about allsorts and minions with French cigarettes but that’s another story. What happened was we had a wicked time and I have a lot of love for not only him but for all my new found friends on this here Twitter. I know that’s an extremely naff sentence to write and to the outsider it might sound incredibly sickening, but it’s the truth. It was Mark’s birthday on Sunday just gone and myself, @drgonzolives and @oneandonlycarly all sent him birthday presents. In a passing comment Mark had said he wanted to read some of my writing. I said I didn’t have anything to hand that I felt I could show him without tying him to a whole manuscript. So I said that I’d possibly write something just for him when I had the time. I made a promise. And I stuck to it without him even realising and secretly wrote something. I asked him for one of his favourite songs as a stimulus and then wrote this for him (click For Mark Jennings below the photograph, it should open up for you):


(Song: “A Forest” – The Cure)



For Mark Jennings


There are so many people that I wanted to talk about but for fear of sounding like a goo monster full of loving snot I demand that you just have a look at who I follow and see for yourself. They’re extremely wonderful. I have a whole lot of respect for my followers because we talk and that’s something I regard as highly important. And what’s more we have fun whilst doing so.



It has been brought to my attention that something extremely important is going on. Something is stirring in the creative masses and collaboration is being stewed, simmered and ladled out to the hungry folk. They’re armed with paintbrushes, microphones, cameras and material. They’re not stopping till they see big. No stone will lay unturned, no door will be locked and no avenue will be skipped. REMIX is heading your way and you better throw yourself down before them and sign up, this is one revolution you want to be a part of. Yes you, and you, the one moaning about how they’ve got an excess of creative juices but have nowhere to store them. Let loose and big yourself up so you can be heard because this people, this comrades, is exciting.


(In my head you’ve all grabbed the nearest thing you have to face paint and smeared the camouflage stripes across your face and round about now I’m leading you all in an Adam and The Ants strut. You with me? Thought not. It’s a cracking song though, c’mon…. “Don’t you ever, HUH, don’t you ever…”)


Dodgy staccato dance routines and wardrobe expenditures aside I’m here to tell you about REMIX and what the dandy it’s all about. And let me tell you, it’s a bit special. Ahem…




REMIX is fascinated with the idea of adaptation; in how content transfers but also how forms and skills translate. Why do we, as practitioners, choose the mediums we do to tell our stories we tell?


REMIX aims to bring together a creative team of exciting emerging practitioners who have asserted themselves as innovators in their own forms but who have never created a piece of theatre before. It will unite a fashion designer and graphic artist to work in design, a band to sound design, a poet to write the play as well as an emerging photographer and filmmaker. Together with Natalie Ibu as Director and an ensemble of professional recently trained actors, REMIX will create an innovative multi-disciplinary performance for the 21st century.


It will create a live performance but, also, four other versions of the performance – or four adaptations from four point of views. So, for example, the live performance may be accompanied with a fashion editorial spread version of the performance, an mp3 Play for iPods, website installation and an online series. Each outcome will be a bespoke adaptation of the play for the specific medium. These adaptations will be launched at a live event on 29th and 30th April 2010. The event will be a celebration, bringing together audiences and practitioners – old and new and from all practices – to toast the future of art and the next generation of creative practitioners. It will do so by showcasing the fruits of collaboration – the play in its five incarnations.


REMIX hopes that by bringing these first-time theatre-makers together it’ll create something bold, brave and enquiring – a project that brings together the very best creative minds to create a live performance and four form adaptations that alchemize the theatre, visual art, virtual media, fashion, music and literary industries. REMIX will steal all the best bits of all the mediums whilst leaving behind the constraints/rules. If Carlsberg made theatre…. It would be REMIX.


They are completely committed to theatre but recognize the criticism that theatre is slow at letting itself go, of shedding old forms and embracing the possibilities of the future. The project aims to reflect our rich, inter/multi-disciplinary, world – a world where we’re constantly sharing and borrowing from other forms and references. They want to experiment with how we might make theatre more like a magpie in order to mirror the way we live – it’ll be borne of the iPod-listening, blog-writing, Vogue-reading, YouTube-watching generation and therefore speak to those very people.


In our current climate, theatre must assert itself as a place for everyone in order to survive. This project aims to seduce our peers from gigs, cinema, performance poetry, events, clubs, galleries and bring them back into the theatre whilst also allowing the emerging artists to extend their networks, develop their portfolios, begin new working relationships and assert ourselves as gutsy and visionary practitioners of tomorrow.


REMIX is already causing waves across the creative board and has caught the attention of the Innovation Fund over at IdeasTap (which if you’ve not heard or spoken with your own mouth before get the hell over there….. Once again with more emphasis AND feeling http://www.ideastap.com ). What’s more the Innovation Fund were so darn impressed with the motivation and intensity of this project that they’ve thrown money at the thing which is great because this is only the beginning.


Mother of REMIX

Mother of REMIX Revolution


But who are these peoples exactly? I hear your cries and they sound beautiful and eager, tinged with a parched choke like when you swallow apple juice wrongly. It’s a sweet taste and I shall impart on you the relevant nuggets of information. These wonderful, bloody determined folk have done many things. Calling up front to see your creative wares is Field Marshall aka Artistic Director Natalie Ibu (see enchanting photograph above). She’s an established Assistant Director, emerging Director and emerging Producer. She has recently been awarded the IdeasTap Innovation Award and the Lilian Baylis Award for Theatrical Excellence. In July 2009, she completed a year’s residency at the Royal Court as their Trainee Director. In 2008, she completed a Live and Direct residency at Contact in Manchester and in 2004 she won a year’s attachment as Trainee Theatre Director with New Perspectives Theatre Company. Since graduating with a First Class Honours degree in Theatre in 2004, she has been awarded bursaries from ITV Directors Scheme, the Federation of Scottish Theatre, Scottish Arts Council and Arts Council East Midlands. As Director, credits include 24 Hour Plays : This Is Not The End (Old Vic); Dirty Circle, Starlings, 24 Degrees, What’s Lost? (RR – Royal Court); The Red Shoes: Re-heeled (Royal Lyceum Youth Theatre); We Were… Re-Imagining the Mother, We Were… In Development, We Were… In a Café, Say What…? (We Were Here / G12, Citizens’ Theatre, Gramofon, Arches) I Know All The Secrets In My World… (Contact); Women’s Voices (New Writing NewWorlds/G12); Hang Up, Lesson Learned (Citizens’ Young Co.); Holly’s Chariot (RR – Theatre Writing Partnerships); Blooded (Fresh Perspectives); Road (De Montfort University). Assistant Director credits include Jerusalem, Grasses of a Thousand Colours, Tusk Tusk, Seven Jewish Children, Wig Out!, The Girlfriend Experience (Royal Court); Zameen (Kali Theatre, London); Fugee (Lyceum Youth Theatre, Edinburgh); Peter Pan, Desire Under the Elms (Citizens’ Theatre, Glasgow); The Shadow of a Pie (Lung Ha’s Theatre Company, Edinburgh); The Ghost Downstairs, The Butterfly Lion (New Perspectives Theatre Company, East Midlands). She is a Script Reader for the Royal Court Studio, Royal Exchange, Soho, Script Online, and is a Studio Support Worker for the Royal Court, Director of the Churchill Young Companies and Workshop Director for Associated Performers’ Studio.


Step up General aka Producer Lisa Macfarlane. Lisa started off her a career as an actress performing at several venues such as the Hampstead Theatre and National Theatre Studio whilst still undertaking her degree at Central School of Speech and Drama. However after landing the role of Executive Producer of the Accidental Festival at the ICA at just 19 ,she decided this was the path for her. She went on to assist Sue Scott Davison, Erica Fee and James Seabright working on shows such as Liberty starring Belinda Lang and John Bett ((Shakespeare’s Globe and National Tour), Potted Potter (UK tour and Trafalgar Studios), Totally Looped starring Phil Jupitus, Sanjeev Baskhar and Marcus Brigstocke (UK number 1 tour). She has also made her presence felt at the Edinburgh Festival assistant producing Clarkson and Crouch and Learn to play the Ukulele in Under an hour (Gilded Balloon). Lisa also worked forJames Seabright on his 19 shows at the Edinburgh Fringe 2009, alongside judging that year’s Total Theatre Awards. Lisa was also a Panelist at The Entrepreneurial Artist, Theatre Materials Conference and a Guest Lecturer at the Central School of Speech and Drama and the Aim Higher education conferences . She is currently producing Biding Time in association with Pippa Bailey and is now Creative Producer of Offstage Theatre with her first production The Swimmer at the Bridewell Theatre in January 2010. She believes in crossing over art forms to inform her practice and has consequently worked on several commercial projects including publicity for Sony BMG.


Salute the Lieutenant aka Marketing Manager Ruth Hawkins. Ruth is an emerging Arts Marketer. She graduated from Central School of Speech and Drama in 2009 and attended the Brits School for Performance Arts and Technology. She has trained with Punchdrunk, Kinetika and in radio production and film editing. Whilst completing her degree in Performance Arts, she was Marketing Manager of the 2008 Accidental Festival at the ICA, Marketing Intern at the Royal Court and coordinated discussions and writing workshops with writers Tarell Alvin McCraney (Wig Out!, In the Red and Brown Water, The Brothers Size) and Rebecca Lenkiewicz – the first female playwright to have a production on the Olivier Stage at the National Theatre. In 2009 she wrote, directed and produced a reading of her play The Blunt Potato Peeler . She is a founding member of arts marketing company Yo Theatre, which gained interest from GQ’s magazine editor. She has worked for the Royal Court and Nabokov Theatre Company in a variety of roles, mainly focused within Arts Marketing, Audience Development and PR. She was Production Assistant and Marketing and Press Coordinator for October’s Nabokov Arts Club – working alongside Paines Plough’s new Artistic Directors George Perrin and James Grieve. Ruth is currently working for the fashion and advertising photographer Rankin, and is also on the Invitation Group of the Royal Court Young Writers’ Programme. And even more spectacular news comes in the shiny wrapper that she’s just been appointed Communications Assistant at the Royal Court. Ruth is an advocate of audience participation and believes a key element to the progression of theatre is driving it out to a wider audience demographic which she endeavors to accomplish within REMIX.


We should break for a bit. Join in, you so know you want to.

Musical interludes ensues…




Now this is where you come along and stick you hand up. In January, the REMIX team will be out on the streets looking for creatives. They’re looking for the very best creative minds. They’ll be trawling events across London to watch you spit your lyrics, graffiti up some underground warehouses and use your scissors to make their creative teams heads turn! If you’re a fashion designer, graphic artist, photographer, filmmaker, band, actor, singer-songwriter and want to invite us along, email: Natalie Ibu (clicky her name and a magical email window will appear which means you have to email her or else something sticky will happen.)


In your email, detail who you are and what you do, what you’ve done and what you want to do and what and who you like.  Please also attach an up to date CV and portfolio and details of where and when they can see you doing your thing – whatever it may be. Shout out about yourself and be heard because they’ll be listening!


A certain Mister James Hopkirk had this to say about the idea and he certainly knows what he’s talking about:


“We were struck by the confidence and ambition of the REMIX project, and are convinced that Natalie is well placed to make it a success.  The panel liked the innovative way that the project works across a variety of art forms which is exactly the kind of project we aim to support through the Ideas Fund.”

 James Hopkirk : IdeasTap Editor


They’re openly asking people to stalk them and there’s nothing I love more than people inviting this kind of behaviour because heaven knows I’m running out of places to put my restraining orders. Someone mentioned I should throw them away but I’m more inclined to make origami swans out of them and make a day of it at the park.



Here: twitter
And here: facebook
And what about here? : ideastap
Have you thought about here? : myspace
And have I not mentioned here? : blog


My oh my aren’t they a greedy bunch! But with very good reason. I think that’s plenty of stuff to be getting on with people. Go, shoo, that way my Lovelies. They’re waiting. And remember… “Ridicule is nothing to be scared of…”



Your Face Will Look At My Face Here December 22, 2009

It’s been a while since I’ve done one of these so thought I’d give you all a festive present of my mug bearing down at you. Tada!


Brief (if I can EVER be brief) July 6, 2009

Once again the video cuts of (or so I think it did). But basically I was rambling about how we all find out this Friday whose made it through the first cull of the CBBC entries for the Masterclass at the arse end of this month. Good luck to all my fellow Twitterers who have entered, wouldn’t it be great to get a healthy smattering of us in there!

Also this month I’m going to BUG at the Southbank which is an ace night dedicated to music videos and curated by the genius that is Adam Buxton. For anyone whose interested in decent, different and generally rather kickass music videos get yourself down there. It’s every other month and sells out quick but it’s well worth it. I missed the last one but this time there’s no stopping me.

Can’t remember if I mentioned it before the video cut out but Alice in Wonderland is being performed this month so if anyone has booked to come and see (or is indeed in the area) let me know so I can bob my head up and come and mumble hallo at you.

Other exciting things that have happened to me this month (well, possibly stretching back to last month seeing as we’ve taken a fresh step into a new one) have included booking tickets to go see Spiritualized, Grizzly Bear and Cinematic Orchestra. All of which make me cream myself with pure excitement. I’ve seen both Spiritualized and Cinematic Orchestra on many occasions but who cares, they’re flipping ace. Also wrote a piece about lusting after Shannyn Sossamon for a fellow Twitterer for a zine. That was extremely fun to do. Now got to crack on with my 15min play for the Offcut Festival and then I can crack on with the short story competitions I mentioned.

Can’t remember what else I had to tell you except I love it when you do that thing, yeah that thing. You look real hot when you do it. Just so you know.

Latoirs tiddleypeeps.


Sidestep to Screen, Step Back to Theatre June 25, 2009

The video cut out before I finished saying what I needed to… so basically it was me saying that I’ll post the link to Theatrix for those of you in the Hertfordshire area who would like to come along and see these kids in action. I may have written the words but it the astounding talent of these kid’s acting ability and their use of timing and comedy that really make it.

I’m perpetually knackered at the moment so I’m either going to go lose some hours by lying down or I’m going to crack on with the scripts I need to read for my next script meeting next week. And I’ve just realised I’ve dressed myself as if I’m in an Ibsen play, how rather dashing of me.

As promised links to all those I’ve mentioned and as I’ve said in the video please let me know if you read this and are entering so I can add you.

Gerry Hayes
Michelle Goode
Neil Baker
Allen O’Leary
Penny Mayhew
Robin Kelly

And this be the Boss/Friend/Mentor/Extremely Lovely Person I mentioned who does indeed have a blog as well. Linky be here: Ben Blaine


A flutter, a twitter in my heart… June 9, 2009