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London Threeway For New Work (@uglysisterprod & #SP4TT2012) November 1, 2012


I’ve got a short piece on as part of Ugly Sister‘s The Story Project 4 which means I’ll have my work performed as part of their curated line-up at three different venues on three different nights. It’s my first time working with this theatre company and they seem like Lovely lassies which is always a bonus.

Dates and places are as follows:
Sunday 18th November – The Arcola 

Monday 19th November – Theatre503 

Sunday 25th November – Southwark Playhouse

I’m extremely thrilled that I’m going to have some work performed at the Southwark Playhouse because out of the three, I’ve yet to be performed there. The brief was nice and open taking the title, ‘Tears, Terror and TwentyTwelve’ and a ten minute mark with basic props/set. As I’ve mentioned before I like having restrictions and this was a great task.
I’m chuffed with how my idea, ‘Lifetime Subscription‘ came together. I’ve written for two female voices which, for me, is a rarity but is fast becoming a good habit. The conceit is bold and quite expressive of how I feel as a person reacting to our current climate regarding tragic events reported in the media and the collective response. I’d like to think it holds a mirror up to a lot of folks and makes them think about their human response and the emotive responsibility we have to each other. It’s dark. And I enjoyed writing it. I don’t want to give too much away because it hinges on you being there in the moment. As far as I’m aware it’s the last thing I’ll have on this year that’s been asked of me so do come along to support all us writers and the company and if you want to buy me a gin you’re more than welcome. But do come up and say hallo because it’s nice when humans do that to each other. 


#excitedladybird REMINDER! August 15, 2011

Just in case you hadn’t heard me utter the words ‘excited’ and ‘ladybird’ in the same sentence… 

It’s here. 

It’s this week. 

It opens tomorrow.

Book here…


#excitedladybird Post Number 11 (cast) August 13, 2011

And last, but by no means least, we have Matthew Schmolle playing Alex (Weekend Sales Assistant)



“I still get excited when I … look at this photo and momentarily believe I have not aged at all”




#excitedladybird Post Number 10 (cast)

We have Samantha Béart playing Judith (Weekend Sales Assistant)



“I still get excited when I … Discover coincidences”



#excitedladybird Post Number 9 (cast) August 12, 2011

Next up we have Zimmy Ryan playing Chloe (Sales Assistant)


“I still get excited when I… Finish a crossword”



#excitedladybird Post Number 8 (cast) August 11, 2011

And here is John Rayment playing Stuart (Sales Assistant)


“I still get excited when I … Smell a roast dinner…”


#excitedladybird Post Number 7 (cast) August 10, 2011

Here we have Joseph Wilkins playing Will (Supervisor)


“I still get excited when I see… my niece and nephew”