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Brightest And Best February 9, 2012

I’ve always admired the stamina of other people in my industry through all the different sectors. One of those incredibly busy folks is that of Natalie Ibu. Whilst exposing New York to her directing talents she was also preparing for her next project, Brightest And Best, over here.
We Were Here and pilotLIGHT Theatre present the premiere of Brightest And Best. Written by Papatango New Writing Competition 2011 Runner Up, Matthew Morrison – this is a play about how we get trapped by the choices we make, how education prepares us for life and how it screws us up. Brightest and Best follows management consultant Rob as he decides it’s time to make a difference, only his new start might be the beginning of the end.

Natalie writes about meeting playwright Matthew Morrison…
 “We met in 2009 and have developed a creative relationship, which started with Brightest and Best and has encompassed work for The Gate and The Old Vic Tunnels. With Brightest and Best, I was struck by the potency of the tale juxtaposed with the delicacy with which he weaves it. I remember thinking, ‘how do you create a live nose bleed on stage? I want to find out. I want to direct this play’ and three years later, here I am about to find out. I strongly believe that our only responsibility is to be truthful, authentic and committed to the work. To make things for and with each other. The rest – the breaks and the powers that be – will come, because they always do. So we’re doing it by ourselves and the rest will catch up with us.”  

I for one will be going to see this. And I think you should too… 

15th Feb – 10th March
8pm (Sunday matinees at 5pm)
The Half Moon, Herne Hill



Box Of Tricks Are Moving (@bottc) February 4, 2012

It’s true. The thespian duo Box Of Tricks are moving… To Manchester to create more thespian goodness! But before they leave they’re throwing a party at The Yard in Hackney Wick and tickets are free, but do register for them otherwise they may all go before you turn up, just saying… It’s going to be rammed with new writing from voices past, voices present and future ones too so everywhere you turn you’ll be reminded of what great stuff we’ve got going on thanks to these guys.


Both Hannah and Adam have asked playwrights they’ve worked with before or would like to, to write a one page play using a starting word given to them which was either ‘Today‘, ‘Tomorrow‘ or ‘Yesterday‘. Some of the other playwrights include *ahem* Kenneth Emson, Daniel Kanaber, Hannah Nicklin, Elinor Cook, Siân Owen, Natasha James, Luke Barnes, Ross Armstrong, Jaki McCarrick, Michael Crowley, Catherine O’Shea, Hannah Mulder, Jai Rajani, Katie McCullough, Tom Morton Smith, Sarah Speak, Omar El-Khairy, Jon Brittain and Declan Feenan. As you can see, I was lucky enough to be asked to do such a thing and got given my word of ‘Tomorrow‘. Having never written a one page play before it gave me a neat challenge. But one that I thoroughly enjoyed and am really looking forward to seeing on its feet. My one page play is about those decisions we promise to stick to the night before we fall asleep, but do we all stick to them? One decision’s about what someone thinks is love and the other is about jacking it all in and running away. I’m well excited about the night as a whole and I can’t think of a better way to send these two off before they head oop Naaaarth.
It’s been an absolute pleasure working with these guys and they’ve helped me a lot with more things than they realise. They are two of the most passionate people I know who want to explore theatre for all it’s worth and meet more people in the doing. Love it. Niceness. Here’s to working with them again in the not so distant future. See you there! 

Saturday 11th February

The Yard


FREE (but register for tickets, limited numbers!)



Miniaturists 33 January 31, 2012

Coming up on Sunday 5th February at The Arcola is The Miniaturists, a collection of short plays that have been written by playwrights who have been invited to do so. And I have been kindly invited to write one and do so. Working alongside my brilliant director Abigail Graham and the superb actors Geraldine Alexander and a Josh Darcy, we’ll be airing an experiment of an idea that I really want to explore further. The piece is called ’18+’; Tom and Lily’s daughter was a porn actress until she was hit by a car. Tragic. The only way they can remember her is watching her back catalogue. It was her job, they are very proud of what she achieved. Disconnection of intimacy and how grief can alter our relationships with each other not just with the person in question. It’s a snapshot of a larger idea that I want to spend time really delving into, but at the moment I want to take the idea out for a spin to see if it’s got legs. And what better way to do it than this.
I’m in good company with the other invited writers being Jon Brittain, Brierley Thorpe, Kate Russell-Smith and Al Smith. I’m really looking forward to this short being put in front of an audience. The last few short pieces I’ve written have been a step apart from what I usually write in terms of chronological narrative and style, but I’m really enjoying this approach.
There are two performances, one at 5pm and the other at 8pm. Do come along and say hallo.


5 February 2012

Arcola Theatre


5pm and 8pm



#excitedladybird REMINDER! August 15, 2011

Just in case you hadn’t heard me utter the words ‘excited’ and ‘ladybird’ in the same sentence… 

It’s here. 

It’s this week. 

It opens tomorrow.

Book here…


#excitedladybird Post Number 11 (cast) August 13, 2011

And last, but by no means least, we have Matthew Schmolle playing Alex (Weekend Sales Assistant)



“I still get excited when I … look at this photo and momentarily believe I have not aged at all”




#excitedladybird Post Number 10 (cast)

We have Samantha Béart playing Judith (Weekend Sales Assistant)



“I still get excited when I … Discover coincidences”



#excitedladybird Post Number 9 (cast) August 12, 2011

Next up we have Zimmy Ryan playing Chloe (Sales Assistant)


“I still get excited when I… Finish a crossword”