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#excitedladybird REMINDER! August 15, 2011

Just in case you hadn’t heard me utter the words ‘excited’ and ‘ladybird’ in the same sentence… 

It’s here. 

It’s this week. 

It opens tomorrow.

Book here…


#excitedladybird Post Number 11 (cast) August 13, 2011

And last, but by no means least, we have Matthew Schmolle playing Alex (Weekend Sales Assistant)



“I still get excited when I … look at this photo and momentarily believe I have not aged at all”




#excitedladybird Post Number 10 (cast)

We have Samantha Béart playing Judith (Weekend Sales Assistant)



“I still get excited when I … Discover coincidences”



#excitedladybird Post Number 9 (cast) August 12, 2011

Next up we have Zimmy Ryan playing Chloe (Sales Assistant)


“I still get excited when I… Finish a crossword”



#excitedladybird Post Number 8 (cast) August 11, 2011

And here is John Rayment playing Stuart (Sales Assistant)


“I still get excited when I … Smell a roast dinner…”


#excitedladybird Post Number 7 (cast) August 10, 2011

Here we have Joseph Wilkins playing Will (Supervisor)


“I still get excited when I see… my niece and nephew”


#excitedladybird Post Number 6 (cast) August 9, 2011

Here we have Christopher Tester playing George (the Deputy Manager)


“I still get excited when I … go to the movies”


#excitedladybird Post Number 3 August 1, 2011

GREAT GUBBINS! We’ve beat our WeFund target and there’s even still time to donate!

And there are some fantastic incentives on offer which you can see here at a quick glance…

And there’s also another #excitedladybird blog update as well. Aren’t we nice to you? Then again some of you have been super nice to part with some pennies and subsequent pounds. We’re all Lovely. There, that should do it…


#excitedladybird Post Number 2 July 26, 2011

As of now our WeFund total is looking like so:

And to keep you all up-to-date so far with the process, here’s a little video about the rehearsals so far…

I am getting extremely excited. Excited indeed. Feel free to spread the word or #excitedladybird and keep an eye out for all the updates.


My First Full Length Play At Theatre503 And You Can Help… July 15, 2011

… “I Still Get Excited When I See A Ladybird“. Yeah, that’s the one. It’s coming up this August and you can be in the audience. It’s the script I’ve blogged about a lot on here, the process of me writing it. That’s how much this is needling away in my brain. I’ve struggled to get into this position where I can show my work off, in front of an audience. It’s what I wanted all along. And now it’s going to happen I’m terrified. I’m being honest here, as I normally am. It’s at Theatre503 who are the smallest building to win an Olivier and who The Guardian quote as being, “Arguably the most important theatre in Britain today”. I feel like I’m swallowing large sickly apples.


But on the flip side it’s finally happening. There will be a cast, who will be directed, who will then perform in front of an audience. Exciting. Mega exciting. I’m sure I should be saying something far more intellectual and deep right now, but fuck it, I’m shouting from the bottom of my bank account because I want to. It could go tits up of course. I could invite all the important people and friends and family to come and see this and it could prove that I cannot write for shit and I shouldn’t waste my time. But at least I would have tried, at least I would have had the opportunity to show what I can or cannot do.


I’m sure that won’t happen. I hope that won’t happen.


So enough with the self-flagulation. This is where you guys come in. We’re going through the Lovely folks at WeFund who you and I know very well from my previous shoutouts (the insanely ace Box Of Tricks), and this time it’s even more personal. Because it’s to help fund my play, yes, my play. Even writing those two little words in this context makes me feel giddy.


Here’s the video that you’ll also see on our WeFund page (there’s a slight delay at present but it’ll be up there too very soon!) where we chat about the project and what’s in store. Click the WeFund icon to go to our donation page.



As you can see there are lots of incentives for you to plump for, but honestly, every little helps. I’m calling on all the people I have ever helped out whether it be reading your script/novel/work or helping you with your website or just emailed you advice. All I’m asking for is as much as you can offer. This project is a massive milestone for me and will (fingers crossed) lead to bigger things. And it’s not just about me, it’s for the cast and crew too. We want to make people sit up and take notice with this production and every donation will help go toward that goal. It is achievable. We will do it, yes I’m looking at you. If you cannot part with a donation but can buy a ticket I still love you. If you’re further a field and cannot do both, I still love you too. Just pass the word on. This is all about helping out emerging artists and plugging the plight of good theatre. Collaboration doesn’t stop within the rehearsal room, it extends its loving and interesting arm around the audience too. I’ll be documenting the process of page to stage as much as I can. I want you to be a part of this as much as anyone else. Next I’ll be blogging about the cast and crew and if you want to follow @papercuttheatre on Twitter and keep an eye out for the assigned hashtag #ExcitedLadybird please do.