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Branchage Part Three October 30, 2009

This is the bit where I blog about the film I helped make. We picked CRIME and MORNING MIST and then we made a little film. To be honest the whole process wasn’t as hectic as I thought it would be. Maybe it’s because we took an overly sensible approach and sat down for a long time to plan what our plot would be but to be critical about it, we were still crafting the story as we were shooting. I think it went through two note-form drafts, seven verbal drafts and ended up with the actors thinking one thing, the director another and the scriptwriter wondering where communication had broken down. But the result is something I’m proud of, extremely proud of. As I’ve mentioned in a previous post I’ve skirted around short film and got my hands dirty writing them and promoting them but have never actually made any. And it seems to have opened another door for me. I know they make no money but they’re a showcase for all involved and a collaborative effort which can be a springboard for something greater. And it’s from my time in Jersey where I’ve made strong contacts and have several ideas in pipelines and more ideas brewing. But here I am blathering. Rather than talk you through the different photographs I’m going to smother this page with them. So enjoy…