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YARN Catch-Up January 16, 2012

Well apparently the audience were laughing which was a huge weight off my mind. Due to the nature of the piece I was worried it would come across as pretentious theatre clap-trap, BUT people liked it. Which was nice*. 

Below are some shots from the night kindly taken by Gemma Mitchell, the mistress at the helm of YARNfest and I’ve also added a bonus segment of the (very dark, lo-fi and altogether quite shonky) rehearsal video I managed to capture. It’s a few excerpts so don’t expect to make much sense of it, but you definitely get the beginning. Lots of appreciation and thanks go out to Poppy Corbett, James Pellow, Shamaya Blake and Trevor Murphy for their sterling work, faux sex and Lion King re-enactment. To be parry to this short rehearsal process has been a charm with the actors hitting the script perfectly and straight from that bat. Kudos to the lot of them.







YARNfest are always up to something, so please check out their website and keep an eye on anything else that they may doing in the near future.
*Fast Show reference intended.