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#excitedladybird REMINDER! August 15, 2011

Just in case you hadn’t heard me utter the words ‘excited’ and ‘ladybird’ in the same sentence… 

It’s here. 

It’s this week. 

It opens tomorrow.

Book here…


#excitedladybird Post Number 11 (cast) August 13, 2011

And last, but by no means least, we have Matthew Schmolle playing Alex (Weekend Sales Assistant)



“I still get excited when I … look at this photo and momentarily believe I have not aged at all”




#excitedladybird Post Number 10 (cast)

We have Samantha Béart playing Judith (Weekend Sales Assistant)



“I still get excited when I … Discover coincidences”



#excitedladybird Post Number 9 (cast) August 12, 2011

Next up we have Zimmy Ryan playing Chloe (Sales Assistant)


“I still get excited when I… Finish a crossword”



#excitedladybird Post Number 8 (cast) August 11, 2011

And here is John Rayment playing Stuart (Sales Assistant)


“I still get excited when I … Smell a roast dinner…”


#excitedladybird Post Number 7 (cast) August 10, 2011

Here we have Joseph Wilkins playing Will (Supervisor)


“I still get excited when I see… my niece and nephew”


#excitedladybird Post Number 6 (cast) August 9, 2011

Here we have Christopher Tester playing George (the Deputy Manager)


“I still get excited when I … go to the movies”


#excitedladybird Post Number 5 (cast) August 8, 2011

First up we have Jayne Edwards who is playing Claire (the Manager)



“I still get excited when I see… a smile”


#excitedladybird Post Number 4 August 5, 2011

And still the total gets higher!

You’ve still got a few days left to donate. And there’s also another video update of the rehearsals which is here…


#excitedladybird Post Number 3 August 1, 2011

GREAT GUBBINS! We’ve beat our WeFund target and there’s even still time to donate!

And there are some fantastic incentives on offer which you can see here at a quick glance…

And there’s also another #excitedladybird blog update as well. Aren’t we nice to you? Then again some of you have been super nice to part with some pennies and subsequent pounds. We’re all Lovely. There, that should do it…



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