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LONDON PRIDE is imminent! April 25, 2013

Crikey mikey pudding and pie!




LONDON PRIDE is impending, like a loveable rogue over that yonder hill. I’ve stopped by quickly to tell you a few things… 

  1.  You can buy tickets here – clicky clicky, buysy buysy

  3.  On Sunday 5th May from 4-6pm there will be a New Writing Surgery where both of us, myself and MJ Starling (author of Audience With Ghostfinder), will be present to help or just chat about your work. More info can be found here – click for WAFF info

  5.  There’s a post show Q&A with both of us too on the 9th May

  7.  I’m quite excited about everything.

See you there!


Blackshaw Feedback (My Bad For Delay) May 1, 2011

So forgive me folks, for I have not blogged. In a long time. Because I have been busy! But I’m back to give you the lowdown on the Blackshaw New Writing Night that was back in March. Below is the audio recording and written feedback that the audience gave my piece, “That’s What Christmas Means To Me“.


“That’s What Christmas Means To Me”

It’s Christmas day and Mark and Shelley are waiting for their son to return so they can start the turkey. Shelley’s anxious about the dinner burning and Mark is anxious about Shelley. What does Christmas mean to them? A short play about the endurance of love and the memories we take from it.

Directed by Nadia Papachronopoulou
Actors – Raymond Coker and Carole Street

Audio Feedback for That’s What Christmas Means To Me – Click To Listen

And the written audience feedback…

Made me feel really depressed, almost which is a good thing as it can envoke such a feeling. Was funny, however if whole play was in this tone, one may leave feeling incredibly down.

I got reading the stage directions but would have liked to have seen action or maybe not needed. Direction, which required little, was sloppy and confusing.

But defo great writing and potential.

Very well acted – very realistic and likeable characters. Great performances.

Well written – perfectly judged, really warming. Loved it.

Laughed a lot. Nice, gentle piece. Nice writing. Narration/spoken directions were a distraction. Overall, really liked it.

This was a delightful piece which everyone in the audience clearly enjoyed. Beautifully crafted characters with a warm believability. Subtle humour from a real situation takes enormous writing skill – I’d be interested to see more of Katie’s work. The actors were perfect for the roles and performed them wonderfully – it was really good to see age-appropriate actors working with a young company. I hope to see more of them. I suspect rehearsal was scant (as the stage directions were being read in), but this did not spoil the performances, which were touching, funny, and well-timed. It’s a shame the stage directions were not read very clearly, and there seemed to be little (any?) direction. Very much enjoyable however – congratulations to the writer and actors!

Wonderful piece – really funny. The kind of wit you see – scripts from Alan Bennett or Victoria Wood. Would love to read more of Katie McCullough’s work. Also really great to see involvement from older actors – lovely performances. Enjoyed the ‘staged reading’ set up.

I thought it was very well written. The dialogue was great and not overly Christmassy for the middle of March. Two lovely characters that were portrayed very well by two actors. I really enjoyed it.

THIS WAS SO LOVELY!! It was witty, perfect for the night. Well read, well dictated, really, really, entertaining. 10/10.


Some of it makes me giggle, some of it utterly Lovely and some of it constructive. I think in all honesty the reason why this feedback is heartwarming… is because I have no plans to develop this piece. It was written at the end of last year for another short writing night that went ahead but I wrote something else for that. In the twists and turns of this particular script making it in front of an audience, I got to meet the Lovely folks of Blackshaw. So all is not lost. But I’d definitely recommend getting in touch with the brains behind Blackshaw if you’ve got a short play or segment you want to try on its feet and gauge audience response. The night generally has three to four pieces and a willing invested audience who either give feedback by writing on the audience forms or by the roving reporter who comes around and collects your feedback via the recorder.


And the best thing is, all the proceeds go to their mammoth next production which is going to be Gormenghast. So you’ll be helping fund the arts, and you KNOW I have more love for people that do that. You should be nodding right now.