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The Whisper Tree is going to Wales June 27, 2012

It was always going to Wales, but I had always assumed that it was a way off. And now it’s imminent, poking it’s head round the corner like that of a naughty child. Rehearsals have been going great and we’re soon to head down to Pembroke to wander around the wood that it’s set in. None of the actors and director, nor myself, have seen the wood area so it’s going to be a interesting week in the lead up to the first performance as we all acclimatise to the natural surroundings and play around with the setup. The photographs of the area look incredibly pretty and I’m hoping that the weather holds out for all the performances. I can deal with no sunshine, but at least let there be no rain. 

There are two significant moments of weirdness (and elation) as a playwright at the beginning of a project. The first is calling something a ‘finished script’ and the other is hearing it out loud for the first time. What’s been unique about this experience as a playwright for Travelling Show is that the cast have helped form the story visually for me during the writing process. I had written some snippets of scenes to be used for the audition process and some of those remain in the finished show and others don’t. But from hearing the definitive actors read the characters out at such an early stage of the development period, it meant I could really have their voices in my head when I wrote the actual show. Sometimes it’s nice to know who you are writing for when it comes to different projects and it’s been great knowing the abilities of all the actors involved and writing a part just for them especially when you’re writing them as children.
I’m not sure when I’ll get to blog about it again because it’s so soon, but guaranteed I’ll do a round-up after the run. I look forward to all the shows that I’m involved in… But I’ve never had to travel with one to take it to an intended audience. I suppose Travelling Show are living up to their name and I’m extremely happy to be coming along. If there’s one thing for sure, it’s that I’m excited to see everything in action especially because it means a little holiday with a group of lovely people.



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