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Can You Spare a Story For Nascent Collage? February 18, 2012

I’ve been involved with a project called Nascent Collage for roughly about 2 years now. There are three of us involved: Mary-Anne Pennington and Natalia Wilkoszewska. It’s how I met illustrator Natalia who I’ve worked with on Simone and our newly started project, David. Nascent Collage is something that’s been bubbling under the surface as it’s more of a longer project which will result in a book. You can find out more about my co-collaborators on the blog: http://nascentcollage.wordpress.com/
Nascent Collage is about recapturing the stories of childbirth and making them more than just a time and a location. Sharing these stories allows us to engage with the concept of motherhood as not only an individual experience, but a universal connection. By illuminating the diverse cultural stories in one collection we’re allowing our stories to carry on being told and remembered. Unlike other childbirth books and projects, our focus is on the emotional response rather than the scientific. We’re listening to mothers tell us their stories and passing them on to other mothers around the world.
The book will be a collection of stories from around the world and each will have their own illustration. We’re in the process of collating stories from all over the world so we can capture as many different cultures and experiences of birth as we can. This is where we’re asking you if you can help. Are you a mother reading this that would like to take part? Do you know of anyone who would be willing to share their story with us? We’re after the further flung places rather than in the UK at the moment. We’ve got a brilliant story from a woman who was a surrogate mother for a gay couple who has written a letter to her daughter. We’ve also covered Russia, some areas of the US and are in the process of securing a story from Africa.
Our goal is to create and publish the collection as a book. If anyone would like to offer their services with regards to that or lend their support we would happily listen and welcome your thoughts.
For an example of a story and matching illustration please click here.


Our Objectives
– To connect people by providing a collection of intimate stories that detail the one unique primary event each human shares in common.
– To illuminate the diversity of different backgrounds and cultures with a collection of stories from around the world.
– To provide the opportunity for people to appreciate the uniqueness of each birth.
Our Unique selling proposition
Unlike other childbirth books and projects, our focus is on the emotional and whimsical aspects as opposed to the scientific and physical. It is our humanity that makes us equal and yet unique, and there is nothing so human as being born. Listening to mothers tell the beginning of our stories is an out of body experience that allows us to see something that carries absolute value regardless of what we believe or know about it. By collecting stories from around the world we are providing an opportunity for people to connect worldwide in an emotional and personal way.
I’m not a mother myself, but I do think the conversation of how we came to be very important. No matter how old you are, you are always someone’s child. If you think you can help out please contact us on the blog: http://nascentcollage.wordpress.com/contact/


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