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Brightest And Best February 9, 2012

I’ve always admired the stamina of other people in my industry through all the different sectors. One of those incredibly busy folks is that of Natalie Ibu. Whilst exposing New York to her directing talents she was also preparing for her next project, Brightest And Best, over here.
We Were Here and pilotLIGHT Theatre present the premiere of Brightest And Best. Written by Papatango New Writing Competition 2011 Runner Up, Matthew Morrison – this is a play about how we get trapped by the choices we make, how education prepares us for life and how it screws us up. Brightest and Best follows management consultant Rob as he decides it’s time to make a difference, only his new start might be the beginning of the end.

Natalie writes about meeting playwright Matthew Morrison…
 “We met in 2009 and have developed a creative relationship, which started with Brightest and Best and has encompassed work for The Gate and The Old Vic Tunnels. With Brightest and Best, I was struck by the potency of the tale juxtaposed with the delicacy with which he weaves it. I remember thinking, ‘how do you create a live nose bleed on stage? I want to find out. I want to direct this play’ and three years later, here I am about to find out. I strongly believe that our only responsibility is to be truthful, authentic and committed to the work. To make things for and with each other. The rest – the breaks and the powers that be – will come, because they always do. So we’re doing it by ourselves and the rest will catch up with us.”  

I for one will be going to see this. And I think you should too… 

15th Feb – 10th March
8pm (Sunday matinees at 5pm)
The Half Moon, Herne Hill



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