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Box Of Tricks Are Moving (@bottc) February 4, 2012

It’s true. The thespian duo Box Of Tricks are moving… To Manchester to create more thespian goodness! But before they leave they’re throwing a party at The Yard in Hackney Wick and tickets are free, but do register for them otherwise they may all go before you turn up, just saying… It’s going to be rammed with new writing from voices past, voices present and future ones too so everywhere you turn you’ll be reminded of what great stuff we’ve got going on thanks to these guys.


Both Hannah and Adam have asked playwrights they’ve worked with before or would like to, to write a one page play using a starting word given to them which was either ‘Today‘, ‘Tomorrow‘ or ‘Yesterday‘. Some of the other playwrights include *ahem* Kenneth Emson, Daniel Kanaber, Hannah Nicklin, Elinor Cook, Siân Owen, Natasha James, Luke Barnes, Ross Armstrong, Jaki McCarrick, Michael Crowley, Catherine O’Shea, Hannah Mulder, Jai Rajani, Katie McCullough, Tom Morton Smith, Sarah Speak, Omar El-Khairy, Jon Brittain and Declan Feenan. As you can see, I was lucky enough to be asked to do such a thing and got given my word of ‘Tomorrow‘. Having never written a one page play before it gave me a neat challenge. But one that I thoroughly enjoyed and am really looking forward to seeing on its feet. My one page play is about those decisions we promise to stick to the night before we fall asleep, but do we all stick to them? One decision’s about what someone thinks is love and the other is about jacking it all in and running away. I’m well excited about the night as a whole and I can’t think of a better way to send these two off before they head oop Naaaarth.
It’s been an absolute pleasure working with these guys and they’ve helped me a lot with more things than they realise. They are two of the most passionate people I know who want to explore theatre for all it’s worth and meet more people in the doing. Love it. Niceness. Here’s to working with them again in the not so distant future. See you there! 

Saturday 11th February

The Yard


FREE (but register for tickets, limited numbers!)



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