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‘Simone’ Exhibition December 21, 2011

As this year comes to and end it also signals the fruitful passing of time for the Simone project. Just a quick recap for those who don’t know… I’ve been collaborating with a fantastic illustrator called Natalia Wilkoszewska throughout the year on a variation of the games of ‘Consequences‘. And Simone is the culmination of it all. I write a piece of flash fiction and Natalia would illustrate it, then she’d illustrate the next part of the story and then it was up to me to write the response, then the next part of the story… And so on. We never forced each other’s hand to bend the story, we simply gave each other cliffhangers and free reign. And now we have a year’s worth of Simone’s life documented for all to see. It’s been an adventure.



I cannot believe a year has passed on this. Each month we did one image and one text and in January 2012 the entire collection will have it’s first public viewing at Oxford House in Bethnal Green. We’re chuffed, thrilled and ecstatic to be able to have the opportunity to let it unfurl in a public forum, especially in a building like Oxford House where they’re keen to exhibit upcoming artists.


This is something new for me (I’m going to be ‘exhibiting some work’ – odd!) and the idea of having work up for people to see for a prolonged period of time is a good kind of crazy. What initially started as an exercise to keep each other creatively exercising, has turned into a beautiful project and we’re keen to get people to go along and see not only our work, but the others on show.



Simone will be displayed from 12th January till 31st January 2012 in the Oxford House cafe which is open from 9am till 4pm. We’re hoping this won’t be the only outing for the project, so I’ll blog about any future developments about other exhibits. Do let us know if you go along and more importantly, enjoy it!


4 Responses to “‘Simone’ Exhibition”

  1. Gerry Hayes Says:

    It hasn’t been a year. I quite clearly remember you starting this about three weeks ago. You’ve carried a one where you shouldn’t have or something. Oh, sweet Jesus the time’s going so much faster, faster, faster as I hurtle towards the grave. I can see it, you know? I can see my grave. It promises rest, but it lies. There are worms! Worms! Oh, Christ, the worms!

    Oh, and great news on the exhibition.

  2. Gerry Hayes Says:

    There is no frowning of these wrinkles, KatieMac. Stupid wrinkles.

    On the other hand, I do like pies. I look forward to them too and will remember you promised pies.

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