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nabokov Arts Club at BAC, I’m there! October 13, 2011

I’ll be present at the Halloween themed Festival Of The Dead at the BAC with a spooky one-on-one theatre experience I’ve been commissioned to write for Papercut Theatre and nabokov.
Details can be found on that there Facebook here and you can buy tickets from the BAC website which is here.

It’s bound to be an eventful night and here’s what the BAC website says about the whole event…


October 28 – October 29, 2011
9pm – 2am
£15 booked in advance, £20 on the door

The nabokov Arts Club has landed at BAC!

We’re handing over the building to the undisputed heavyweight champion of artistic happenings, anywhere, ever, to fill every space for two consecutive nights of Halloween madness. An extravaganza of live theatre, music, comedy, dance and visual art wrapped up in a big fat party – the nabokov Arts Club moves to BAC after 4 years of packed, exhilarating warehouse parties in East London.

Expect explosive theatre, side-splitting comedy, high-voltage poetics, rabble-rousing live bands, superstar DJs and lashings of atmosphere. Plus bar, food and dancing until 2am.

The spirits are restless, the souls of the departed are returning; a portal has been found. The dead and the living will unite again for one final, massive party, before ghouls and ghosts, zombies, skeletons and goblins pass through to the next world…


An immersive theatrical event by award-winning playwright Polly Stenham
Brand new interactive comic theatre with Bad Physics
Box Junction by The Wind-Up collective

Fri & Sat | Hey Moonshaker | Harriet Darling and the Good Honeys | Victoria Ward | Amy Lou Black
Friday | Tin Roots blending
Saturday | Yes Sir Boss’ | DJ disco set by William from the Mystery Jets!

Radio 1’s Tom Deacon | Up the Creek’s One-to-Watch Harriet Kemsley

Bitter-sweet horror stories by the fire with Dave Bibby and Greg Wohead | poetry from Isley Lynn and duo Richard Marsh and Katie Bonna


(which of course, the thing I’ve written is one of them!).

Do come along, Papercut Theatre and myself will be there both nights and it’s guaranteed to be (TWO!) night(s) full to the brim of awesome. You don’t have to come to both nights, but if you do I will shake your hand and tell you nice things to your face including the phrase, “You are utter hardcore like a frozen Snickers bar”. Honestly, I’ll do that just for you.



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