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‘AVE IT! June 23, 2011

On Saturday 9th July emerging theatre company, headed up by Natalie Ibu, wewerehere will be filling the Old Vic Tunnels and ‘aving it large.


Old Vic Tunnels

Saturday 9th July



’Ave It! promises to be a multi-disciplinary chain play exploring drinking and clubbing culture. Granted the paltry sum of just £1,500, (via Ideastap) artistic director and producer wild child Natalie Ibu has crafted this stand alone show. And what’s more she threw open her arms and asked people to be involved.

The brief asked for those moments on your night out where everything just makes sense, where you mission is to have a good time and fuck on a stick, it happens. Through a heady mixture of drink (optional), drugs (optional), lack of sleep (no choice on this one) and fuelled by the dawn chorus you arrive at the other end of your experience. You’ve ‘ad it.

38 writers have had their work, whether they be snippets or full scenes or just the idea, merged to create an hour show. And I’m one of them. Which is nice actually, because I’ve had my head shoved up the skirt of so many other projects at the moment, I only had a day to throw some words on the page. So I feel extraordinarily lucky to be involved. And now it’s your turn. Come and join the party and ‘ave it yourself.

For tickets and more info on what else the nights will be offering clicky here (scroll down to ‘Ave It! and click the link to reserve your tickets – IT’S MUTHERFLIPPING FREE PEOPLE AND YOU GET A FREE DRINK WITH YOUR TICKET!)

For Q&A with the writers clicky here.

Keep up to date with the blog here.

Read about Natalie Ibu on whatsonstage here.


‘Ave it in your own headspace with this wick tune (and brilliant video) here…

I know it’s an oldie, but it still gets me every time.

Writing some of this stuff made me miss my more crazy days of uni, more specifically the people I partied with. Memories have become the films I watch.



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