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RADA Reading of LONDON PRIDE June 21, 2011

Coming up on Monday 4th July (7:30pm) I’ve got a excerpt of one of my newer scripts, “LONDON PRIDE”, being read out at RADA in the foyer alongside two other Royal Court graduates. This is the first time this script is going to be read aloud except for me in my bedroom.



Shelly runs the pub, Joe drinks in the pub, Pavel works at the pub. With the local kids hanging outside tensions run high as no one really knows their place. A play about relationships, alienation and grieving.

Director: Melissa Dunne
Cast: Natasha James, Nigel Mattison and Simeon Perlin














And of course was written by Me. It should be fun, it’s a fun script. It came about because there was a competition on with a very tight brief and this was my response. The script was shortlisted but unfortunately didn’t make it to the top of the pile, but reassuring nonetheless. So it’ll be interesting to get people’s feedback because it’s a script which was written very quickly, but I’m proud of because I explore things in there that I’ve not really dwelt on before. Well, I mean I’m not writing about marriage for a change. This time I even touch on proper love. How interesting…?



2 Responses to “RADA Reading of LONDON PRIDE”

  1. Gerry Hayes Says:

    All I shall say is, “RADA? Oooooh!”

  2. […] Festival and Fringe. I’m thrilled that the play will get a proper production (it received a reading at RADA back in 2011) and also overjoyed that it’s to be paired as a double bill with writer M.J. Starling. LONDON […]

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