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On the film side of things there’s a project that I’m extremely excited about which is called, “SOUTHBANK UNSEEN“. It’s going to be a collection of short films from the perspective on different people along the Southbank and in tandem it’ll be getting scientific advise from top neuroscientist Geraint Rees. As most of you know one of the jobs I do is that of Film Festival Distribution and it’s a job I thoroughly enjoy. I scout out different festivals all over the world and submit my client’s films into festivals whilst building up dialogues with the programmers and coordinators. I’ve been specifically asked to be involved with this project in that capacity, but I’m also taking on the role of Publicist. What captured my interest about this project is the amazing amounts of how interactive it can be. The approaches to getting it to an audience are limitless because of the variety of the films.


Collectively SOUTHBANK UNSEEN can be marketed as an entire project meaning that they could be entered in to festivals worldwide. There are a higher concentrate of experimental festivals that are art-led and explore installation territory abroad which means we’ll have an ever increasing audience across the board. There are genre specific festivals that call out for documentaries such as DOXA Documentary Film Festival (Canada), One World International Human Rights Documentary Film Festival (Prague), Sundance Film Festival (USA), Edinburgh International Film Festival, Palm Springs International Film Festival (USA), London International Documentary Festival, Sheffield Doc/Fest, the list goes on. All of these are established festivals with opportunities for further distribution that can add more interest to the project and propel it further. This is my job.



SOUTHBANK UNSEEN brings together an amazing team, who are all working for the love:


Deva Palmier an award winning filmmaker, directing.

Fionn Groegor an excellent production manager, producing.

Jes Benstock an award winning filmmaker, co-producing.

Prof. Geraint Rees a world renowned neuroscientist, our scientific adviser.

Karoline Moser an outstanding editor and head of Editing at the Met Film School, editing.

Julian Stewart Lindsay an outstanding composer, who has worked with the best, composing.

Alastair Sirkett a top sound editor, designing the sound.

Marianne Agertoft a top costume designer, taking care of the costumes.

Katie McCullough who is amazing at publicising projects and clued up on international festivals, is publicist.

Nick Ward who has worked on numerous London Consortium TV shoots will be working in the crew.


London Consortium TV are offering to crew the shoot with students and provide the second camera and sound equipment.


The project has so many fantastic people attached and I’m excited for the outcome. Unfortunately (as most people are encountering right now) we had our funding application rejected. With so many brilliantly qualified people involved and everyone passionate about the idea, we were disheartened. But we’ve decided to go ahead and make the films regardless, just on a lot smaller budget than planned. We’re asking for a very small sum of money to be raised via IndieGoGo to cover catering, travel expenses, insurance .etc. The details that people forget are vital to any film shoot. We’ve been lucky enough to get equipment and editing facilities given to us free of charge, now it’s just tying up the loose ends so the project can run as smoothly as we’d like.


For those new to IndieGoGo it’s a donation site that’s international. Similar to WeFund that Box Of Tricks used for Word:Play4, but with this site the total doesn’t have to be reached for the donations to reach the project. There are particular donation amounts which will provide you with either credits, DVDs, private screenings and other quirks. This really is a project that I am excited about, because we’re making it because we want to. We’ve already secured our premiere to be at the BFI as part of the Mayor’s Thames Festival and to have the film screened on the exterior wall of the Southbank Centre and on top of that are in talks for other innovative ways to screen around the Southbank. We’re all invested and more importantly we have an audience already. I can’t divulge the finer details as yet, but when I can it’ll be electric! Please spare what you can, be it £5 up to whatever. Be a part of the collaborative process and help the arts at the same time. It’ll make us happy, you feel good and an audience appreciative of being able to see the finished product. Please share with those that might be able to help.







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