Katie Mccullough Talks and Writes

Words will get written here and some videoblogs will appear. You don't have to look but it would be nice if you did.

Blackshaw New Writing Night March 15, 2011

This is the rescheduled date for my short piece that’s receiving a rehearsed reading. The piece is called, ‘That’s What Christmas Means To Me‘ and is going to be read by Raymond Coker and Carole Street, they’ll be directed by Nadia Papachronopoulou.

Blackshaw Social Club are proud to present our third monthly New Writing Night! Head to the Horse, grab a gin (other beverages are available), colonise a comfy sofa and…

…watch! – another outstanding selection of rehearsed play readings, poetry and comedy.

…take part! – help the writers, actors and directors get the feedback they need. Jot down your thoughts, chat to our roving reporters, tweet at us, or chat to the artists in the bar afterwards.

…don’t worry that it’s a school night! – we run a tight ship; if you like, you can be on your way home around 9pm.

This month’s line-up:
Poetry by Prudence Chamberlain
‘So Lonesome I Could Cry’ by Gareth Brown
Extract from ‘Princess’ by Melody Parker
‘That’s What Christmas Means To Me’ by Katie McCullough

Entry: £4.00

Come down and have a gin. I’ll be there. With gin. And throughout the night the audience is encouraged to give feedback to the pieces so it’s a real experience.


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