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My Play At The Arcola February 14, 2011

It doesn’t matter how many times I write or say that, it still feels special. Things have been progressing and London has been seeing more of my work steadily. And this particular play holds a special place in my heart. The reason? It was the first commission (in London) I was asked to do by the wonderful Box Of Tricks theatre company. These Lovely people approached me and I said yes. Because that’s the kind of person I am, and of course, what a brilliant opportunity.


I’ve mentioned these folk before because they were asking for donations to help put this night of new writing on. Through the WeFund website they hit their target of £500 to aid the five night run in Studio 2 of the new Arcola site. For those of you who donated you are made of special stuff, special stuff that only special people can love. And collectively we all love you. (On a side note, for those who donated and are coming along to see the show, please let me know when and you’ll have to allow me to verbally thank you, possibly even stroke your tender loving face).

As I prepare my train times to get into London tomorrow and see the first rehearsal of my play, “Let Them Eat Cake!” and meet the actors, I feel a wave of something wash over me. It’s gratitude. And I’m feeling it on so many levels with regards to Box Of Tricks, the actors, the Arcola, to the impending audience, to many things. It’s a nice feeling to have and one that will drown out the nasty sting of other things as I chug along on the train listening to Tame Impala early tomorrow morning. I’m very happy.


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