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The White Room – ICA Lab February 3, 2011

I recently had an ICA Lab to work on and develop my script, “The White Room“. I’ve always spoken fondly about the ICA Lab in the past and this time will be no different. It’s a fantastic opportunity to try work out, get it on its feet or at least off the page behind the safety of a closed door. It’s a chance to to explore a project and discuss it with all those involved, from the actors reading the scripts to the outside eye you’ve invited.


The piece is an intense and extremely intimate script so having few people in the room to watch heightened this. Susan Stanley and Joseph Wilkins had (incredibly) done a lot of work on the piece before the reading, which I admired. They had met several times to go through the script, read through a few times and act it out with props and build a background to the character’s history. What made this Lab even more worthwhile is that a lot was discovered about the story that I hadn’t addressed fully, but also how to twist the tension up higher to gain more effect from the entire piece. This is something I would not have stumbled upon if it hadn’t of been for the feedback I received from the people I had invited. Having two theatre directors, a playwright and actors in the room all felt extremely useful and what’s more, they had invested their time into watching, reading and talking about it.





I always bang on about collaboration, but it is key. Without it we’re running on the spot, and that’s something I’m keen to avoid.

So thank you to Mel Cook, Melissa Dunne, Joanne Ferguson, Janice Okah and of course Susan Stanley and Joseph Wilkins.


One Response to “The White Room – ICA Lab”

  1. Marcus Speh Says:

    enjoyed. wallowed in my own ICA memories. want to be in london.

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