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Food For Thought December 17, 2010

So on 7th December at the Tristan Bates theatre in Covent Garden my short play, “Food For Thought” was involved with Papercut Theatre’s cycle of plays entitled, “Cut Off”. And it finished after a successful run on the 11th December. And what an experience it was.


I had the wonderful experience of working with Maja Milatovic-Ovadia as my director who in turn introduced me to my equally brilliant cast members: Russell Anthony, Ishai Jacob, Lucy Roslyn and Alexandra Thoros, not forgetting fantastic designer Vanda Butkovic.


The Tristan Bates treated us well and also arranged for myself and Melissa Dunne (the curator and brains behind everything) to be interviewed by their resident blogger Adam Smith. The results of which can be seen here: (Lovely interview/review)


“…Katie McCullough’s intrigue is dramatised in her play… it contains some expert observations and a creative approach – as a short play it attains the respectable position of a fun satire…”


Thank you for the kind words Adam. He also blogs for a website I follow closely anywho called, “Notes From The Underground”. There he’s posted a different version of our interview.



And now for some photos (all the good proper ones are taken by Michael Wharley)…












I’ll freely admit that I was anxious not only about this being my London debut, but also because of the particular subject I was tackling within my short play. Right up until the middle of the run I thought I was stupid to satirise theatre commissioners because I’m a playwright at the beginning of my career and these are essentially the people who decide whether my career goes anywhere. Okay, they’re not the be all and end all deciders, but they are one of the hurdles to overcome. But as audience responses came flooding in my mind was put at ease. People were understanding my allegorical approach and actually agreed, it paved the way to a discussion, a debate as was intended. (See interviews for a brief explanation of my piece.)


So I would like to say thank you to Melissa Dunne who sprung this on me about a week before the script was needed and for Papercut Theatre for hosting my proper London debut. Let’s hope this isn’t the last time I’m acquainted with London in a theatrical manner.



One Response to “Food For Thought”

  1. ditty1013 Says:

    Congrats on the success of your London debut! Wish I could’ve caught it, but I left bright & early on the 6th. Maybe I’ll get a chance to catch your next one. 🙂

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