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Shakesperience October 22, 2010

In all the kerfuffle of new projects springing up all over the place in the fertile place that is MY MIND I completely forgot to mention that there is a show happening next week that I’ve had a hand in.


Next week on the 29th and 30th October all the students involved with Theatrix Theatre Company will be performing for your pleasure with Shakespeare in mind. There’ll be singing, dancing, acting, talking and all manner of things Shakespeare. They’ll also be performing some modern adaptations of Shakespeare segments that I’ve been tinkering with which is nice.



(I promise you if you click on the picture it suddenly becomes readable.)


So if you want to see the new talent do their brilliant best and see what Theatrix Theatre Company can produce come along and see. I’ll be there (obviously).


Link to buy tickets is here: Abbey Theatre, St. Albans


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