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Come See A Thing I Gone Done October 20, 2010


Love – Aged 28” is the middle theatrical offering of “Love – Aged – Trilogy” which has been created for the arts night Interrobang! at The Book Club. “Love – Aged 15” is a piece of written art I wrote when I was 15 and recently found. Keeping with that central theme I created the later section “Love – Aged 54” and hung them as a whole piece. So just to reiterate the first instalment you read on the wall, the second you watch with the eyes on the stage and the final third section you read on the wall. Come along and say hallo or have a drink or just stand in the corner. I don’t mind, but it would be nice to see you. There’ll be lots of other things going on as well – poetry, performance art, music…


Monday 8th November
The Book Club
100 Leonard Street, London, EC2A 4RH
Starts at 7:30pm and costs £3 entrance


Starring Cariad Lloyd and Nigel Mattison
Directed by Melissa Dunne
Written by Katie McCullough


Here are some photographs of a previous night of shenanigans…








It looks Lovely. And you do too… Y’know, we should all hang out some time…








(I just realised it’s kinda like my mini-London debut. Which is exciting but equally terrifying. Must. Drink. Gin.)


2 Responses to “Come See A Thing I Gone Done”

  1. […] This post was mentioned on Twitter by Katie McCullough, Christian Lockwood. Christian Lockwood said: RT @KatieMcCullough: "Love-Aged-Trilogy" by Katie McCullough – details here: http://bit.ly/9LKYmN […]

  2. […] Details about times/places/info of my London debut are available here where I’ve previously jabbered about them: [previous jabbering] […]

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