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Regina V Cooper – Case Closed September 21, 2010

So it’s all over. It was extreme amounts of fun and I have to thank the following people:

Stanley Walton
Nicole Ryan
Michael Keir
Dennis O’Connell-Baker
Suzy Duxbury
Rosemarie Partridge
Keith Davey
Chris Norton-Walker
Beverley Keech
Neil Fox
Amber Townsend
Sue Townsend
Carolyn Ryden
Roger Walton
Phil Littler
Matt Farman
Eamonn Keane
Hilary Davies
Margaret Baker
Joel Baillie-Lane
Tina Swain

Either these people were in it, directed it, were the jury members, filmed/photographed it, asked me to write it or played a part in making the day go swiftly.

Special amounts of Katie love going to you. When I’ve got some photos/filmlings then I’ll share the good times.


One Response to “Regina V Cooper – Case Closed”

  1. quin browne Says:

    Just remember to say my name right when you are thanking all the little people after you receive the BAFTA and the Oscar.

    That day will come.

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