Katie Mccullough Talks and Writes

Words will get written here and some videoblogs will appear. You don't have to look but it would be nice if you did.

Altogether now… July 30, 2010

And for those who struggle with counting – welcome to my world.



Let me give you the aural soundscape that I was partial to in this bit o’visual shenanigans: traffic, Venezuelan neighbour hacking a tree stump for some reason, my dog scratching yet another cushion and my phone (no denying it’s an iPhone) bleeping at me.


(What you can’t hear is my brain slowly imploding at how much work I have to do right now and my lungs filling with too much air.)


Hope you’re suitably comfortable and being semi-productive wherever you be. And if you’re not, don’t worry I won’t tell too many people.


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