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I’m Going To Be Published, Yuppers. July 26, 2010

So a while ago you’ll remember that I was one of the extremely lucky people to get my story picked to be published in the next installment of short stories from Tonto Press. And the time has come to see myself in print (my copy of the book is due anytime this week) as “Even More Tonto Short Stories” is released to the public as of August 5th.



Featuring new work by Matt Hilton, Robert Endeacott and Sally Spedding, as well as writing from a whole host of lesser-known but equally splendid writers delving into everything from a solo drinking session and extreme paranoia to murder, craziness and uplifting tales of modern living.


This third anthology demands your attention. The stories are worth reading, the writers worth taking note of and the collection worth talking about.


Thirty-six stories have been compiled by Caroline Smailes (In Search Of Adam, Like Bees to Honey) to form a strong anthology of new and established writers, to showcase UK talent and prove that the short story is very much alive and kicking.


‘Thought-provoking and fresh voices in short fiction. This collection combines everyday situations with a twist of absurd, a sprinkle of clever and a lick of sublime. Brilliant.’ Caroline Smailes


This is a brilliant showcase for what’s new on the UK’s short fiction scene. The collection had over 200 writer entries and many of those chosen writers have been published in writing magazines and across many genres, as well as being influential literary bloggers and reviewers with big readerships.


Publication date: 5 August 2010
ISBN: 9781907183041
A format paperback Fiction / Collection
£7.99 400pp


If I’m completely honest I used to have the belief that you were never a ‘proper’ writer until you were published. Since then my ideals have changed because that was coming from me when I was eight years old. But then again I’m getting that tingle of excitement because I will be published and alongside some fantastic writers. Now that deserves a cup o’tea and a hefty slice of cake.


5 Responses to “I’m Going To Be Published, Yuppers.”

  1. ditty1013 Says:

    That is exciting news! Congratulations!

  2. Allen Says:

    Good news, well done!

  3. Teresa Says:

    Brillo! I wanted to be in that because of the cover. I sent a crap story though so I can’t complain. Well done you!

  4. Gerry Hayes Says:

    That’s rather splendid, KatieMac. Rather splendid indeed. In fact, I will have tea in your honour.

  5. Thanks everyone, most excited. Can’t wait to have it in my hands and see it!

    Tea all round!

    And Teresa, I’m sure it wasn’t crap me dear. How about we publish our own book? Just a thought…


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