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Go on, you know the drill… July 16, 2010

Somehow I’ve not grown tired of these (yet) and this by far has to be the most creative I’ve got. And that’s said with the loosest of terms.



This week’s venture was sponsored by my limited working selection of Sharpie pens, Ed Harcourt being so wonderous to put instrumentals of his songs on the new album (this was Heart Of A Wolf), ultimate procrastination, a lie-in and an admiration for proper mimes and puppeteers and an over-riding wish to be able to draw properly.


(Just in case you think I’m megally stunted in maturity all is explained with the first one of these I did which is here…)


One Response to “Go on, you know the drill…”

  1. […] This post was mentioned on Twitter by Katie McCullough, Katie McCullough. Katie McCullough said: Forgive the silence, been madahectically busy. But I offer this up as an apology (it's me acting a twat, enjoy) : http://bit.ly/csQwRv […]

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