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On Her Majesty’s Site Specific Service June 29, 2010

I’ve been approached by St. Albans Arts via Abbey Theatre to write a site specific piece for an their upcoming Big Project in September. The idea is that the Old Town Hall will be taken over by local talents ranging from filmmakers, writers, artists, musicians and each room will be fully utilised for maximum impact.























I’ve been given the challenge of writing a 20-25min piece specifically for the court room – a space that is magnificent as it is imposing. Awe-inspiring to say the least I got given a tour yesterday to go suss it out and I cannot wait to get my hands dirty with this piece. It’s often used by the BBC because of its authenticity and the fact that it has not been disrupted at all. The acoustics leave much to be desired (tall ceilings and endless bouncing) but using trained actors will help a great deal.


Presently I’m up to date with all the Shakespeare adaptations I’m doing for Theatrix so can give my full attention to this piece as it’s going to require a lot of research. Going to sort out sitting in on some court cases tomorrow at the Crown Court in St. Albans. So far I know what the premise is and I’ve cast a few of the parts but have yet to put pen to paper. That’s what my plan is to do for the rest of this week.



Eager, excited and equally terrified. I’m liking it.


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