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There’s A Reason Why I’m Slinking May 21, 2010

Slinking into the background so to speak. I’ve been busy in a good way. In true Katie fashion I’ve been busy here, there and every place. I see a lot of theatre, it’s kinda how I do things.




The purple dots are deadlines for competitions and schemes and so far I’ve hit each one. The orange dots are pieces of theatre I’ve seen. So far I’ve seen a total of 22. That’s on average 4.4 shows a month. That’s the only appearance of maths you’ll see me do, minimal button pushing on any calculator. So there’s that, all the seeing (and unfortunately paying) of theatre that’s kept me busy. Then there’s the new pieces of work I’m crafting for new commissions.


I’m adapting Shakespeare for Theatrix’s big show at the end of October. Really need to pull my socks up with that one as the entire company is 150 kids which is split into two shows and then split into smaller segments. Really modernising again and making it a joint effort between the younger children and the older ones. Shortly I will be immersing myself in a tonne of Shakespeare which is never a bad thing but never to be taken lightly.


Pile o'Shakespeare


I’ve also been asked to write a site-specific piece for St. Albans Creative Council which is extremely nice of them. It’s for St. Albans old town hall, the court room to be specific. And the best thing? (Possibly at this stage also the worst…) Is that I can do whatever I wish and cast whomever I wish. And I can have 25mins to do that. Have yet to actually put pen down on paper for this because I’m too busy seeing other things and juggling the other jobs. But when I shall I sure will have fun with it.


Since coming back from Kilcreggan I’ve yet to have any more spare time to work on my new personal project. It’s still there sat waiting for me to churn some pages out but I have other priorities to concentrate on, y’know for other people. But safe in the knowledge it’s there waiting for me to pounce on. It’s about truckers and my Dad is showing a keen interest (seeing as he is a trucker and he’s the very reason I’m writing this play) so soon I’ll be going out on the road with him for research purposes. Just like I did when I was fourteen. Jeez, that was twelve years ago.




At the moment I’m feeling this nervous energy which I’m sure is to subside at some point. I’m rolling my eyes and gritting my teeth and seeing a lot of familiar names attached to things, which I cannot deny winds me up good and proper but I have to remind myself where I’ve come from and my achievements so far. It’s hard to push yourself when there’s only you to push but every now and again I realise my strengths and pummel through. Who knows what’s around the corner. I’d be fucked if I do. (But once in a blue moon it’d be nice to just know, y’know so I don’t think I’m utterly being ignored…)




NB. I also forgot to mention that I’ve been asked to be a judge for the 20th Annual TEN by TEN, a playwrighting competition in Houston, Texas. So I’ve been reading and marking (so far) 55 scripts. Another reason why I’ve been quiet.


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