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Words will get written here and some videoblogs will appear. You don't have to look but it would be nice if you did.

White Curtain Falls April 20, 2010

So The White Room’s run is over. We’re not sure what’s next, let alone me. I’m tired and emotional for allsorts of reasons to do with production. I felt physically sick for the most of it and nervous when familiar faces turned up. The more I saw it the more I wanted to tweak and edit. The things I were worried about I needn’t have and the things I thought were fine needed work. But this is the game – trial by fire and do it again. I’m so tired so don’t want to dwell on this chapter too much as there’s still life in the project but it’s a waiting game at present. I can’t reveal too much because there’s not anything solid to reveal yet. I’ve already started the inklings of the next idea which wasn’t intended to be the next idea but hey the emails have been sent now. Again, I wait. And Glasgow is next week for The Fielding Programme where I start the initial workload for the next play (the planned one, the reason I’m going.)


I’ll leave you with a few odds and sods from The White Room and I probably won’t be around these parts for a while as I prepare mentally and pack a bag for Glasgow. I’m thinking of starting my video blog side of things once I’m there, seeing as I started it up there the first time round….











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