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The White Room April 4, 2010

It’s coming up very soon. So here are the details if you so wish to come and see it. It would be nice to see your face there, I may even stroke it. In all seriousness there’s a Q&A with myself, the director and the two actors involved after the final evening performance on the Sunday.


The White Room Poster


There’s a Facebook event page as well like most modern things have so if you want you can have a looksy there: (this here is a link to the Facebook event page I just mentioned)


But if that doesn’t take you fancy here are the details in a wordy format. Fantastic!


Commissioned by Theatrix Theatre Company, Katie McCullough has adapted the short story ‘The Yellow Wallpaper’. Radically modernised for a 21st century audience McCullough aims to carry through the horror first depicted by Charlotte Perkins Gilman in the original.


With Liam spending more time at work and the pressures of motherhood bearing down on Helen the couple bicker with each other to devastating and revealing results. She thinks he’s having an affair and he can’t seem to inject their life with the warmth he’s so ready to give while battling with money issues. After wading through their fears and differences the couple reconcile only for the past to be dug back up. With newborn Isabel palmed off to the mother-in-law for the night Helen talks about that fateful incident that cruelly took their previous child.


Helen – Suzy Duxbury
Liam – Alex Bell


Rosemarie Partridge


Katie McCullough


The performances will take place:

* 5pm and 8pm Saturday 17th April
* 5pm and 8pm Sunday 18th April


After the last performance on Sunday there will be the opportunity to talk to the cast and crew in an informal Q&A session.


40mins (approx), 2 actors, 1 room and in real time.


(Limited seating per performance.)





Tickets are £7 (£5 concessions)
Please phone 01727 860217 to book. Or you can email Dennis O’Connell Baker on admin@theatrix.co.uk to reserve your tickets for collection/payment on the door. Please be aware that we are unable to process credit card payments. Cash or cheque only.



So there we are. It’s all happening and very soon. As I say it would be absolutely Lovely to see you there. Come up and say hallo if you do, I’ll be the one clutching the Gin and Tonic hugging the wall and probably doing this:




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