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Visual Update #5 (of how many I don’t know) February 5, 2010

I’ve had my fair share of busy days and relaxing days but today was dedicated to that of GEORGE. And I was looking forward to writing him so much I looked at my alarm as it rang stupendously early this morning and politely gave it the cold shoulder.


I promise I'm awake and with it.


Hallo George


Then I properly woke up and pissed around and then realised I’d done lots of scribbles the night before on my whiteboards so set about reading them. GEORGE has been a little difficult to write because not only am I discussing something I have strong views about (and going against) but I found him a little boring. So I’ve pinned him down as much as I can but in the second round of drafting he will get a beating.


Possibly a precursor?


I think because I know the end is in sight for the first draft I’m lagging a little, cutting stupid corners and racing ahead. I’m a glutton for punishment so by imposing strict rules on myself I have to have a very good reason to defy them. The last two are going to get as much attention as the previous ones. I’m playing the tortoise at this, with good reason.


2 Responses to “Visual Update #5 (of how many I don’t know)”

  1. You Know Who Says:

    Will Stiff and swollen be included ?


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