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Visual Update #4 (of how many I don’t know) January 29, 2010

I’m home back at home home and I’ve found it both a struggle and fairly easy at the same time. Dunno what I’m trying to say. I’ve been busy with actually writing these monologues and asking permissions from people I admire.


Just finished writing CLAIRE who I first thought was going to completely zap my energy because of the subject matter but actually she came to be born quite fluidly.


Claire on the whiteboard


This is her name on the whiteboard. It’s quite self-explanitory that sentence so I’ll leave that there. I love my whiteboards. That one’s explains itself also. This is how I look and feel today:


Dizzy up the Katie


And here is photographic evidence of myself and CLAIRE in the same room together. She’s treated me well:




And I’ve just gone to check CLAIRE off my list when I realise I only have three monologues left to write. These are all first drafts but still that makes me feel a tingle of something. Excitement? Dread? Both? Possibly a certain type of eagerness. It’s a jigsaw at the moment making sure each one isn’t completely off the radar so they hang together. They’re linked but not explicitly so. I’ll leave you in pieces/peace as I’m thinking aloud.


This is what I woke up to this morning (Charlie aka Shitface):


Charlie aka Shitface



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