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Visual Update #1 (of how many I don’t know) January 7, 2010

Just in case you didn’t realise that the UK has snow of varying levels all over and have forgotten what my forlorn face looks like.

In other news I’m beginning to get back some of my own time and am investing it into “I Still Get Excited When I See A Ladybird”. The photographic evidence below shows that I now have two 95% finished monologues out of eight. I would give myself a pat on the back but it really fucking hurts and I don’t know why. Guess I better go back to lying in the middle of the floor.

Gerry Hayes pointed me in the direction of this Polaroid app for the iPhone that makes everything look lush. And I miss being able to use my real Polaroid so from now on expect grainy nuggets like this from me (but not necessarily of me, that would be tedious).


3 Responses to “Visual Update #1 (of how many I don’t know)”

  1. Sofluid Says:

    Katie Katie Katie, I thought you had shaved all of your hair off! But then I spotted the lovely curly bit by your ear, and was reassured that you merely had it up in an uppy up style. Phew!

    Wow, that monologue looks rather dapper!

    I’m working on trying to be funny at the moment with some comedy sketches. Ho ho ho…


    • Hahaha! Nope, although I have been tempted many a-time to shave it all off. Not sure if I look like Caroline Quentin anymore… 😉

      There’s two monologues in that photograph, been tinkering away on the third one today and boy it’s getting strange. Really peculiar.

      Now go, be funny and sketch some funny with your hands. Please.


      • Sofluid Says:

        I have been funnying it up as much as my hands can muster…

        I am still perplexed by your photo … On closer inspection your hair is indeedily doodly shorter, is it not? I like it very much either way! It looks very stylish!

        And I still think you have a little Caroline Quentinesque about you 😉 I’m a bit Johnathan Creek mad at the moment and I think Maddie’s brilliant! I do of course also think you are brilliant! 😀

        I’ve never read a monologue before… Must take a paticular skill! You got the skillzors!

        Hmmn. I think this tea has some sort of hyper-active ingredient…

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