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Untitled (No Longer) December 28, 2009

The new project that I’m going to be slaving away on until it’s ripe is called this people*”:

<drum roll>

“I Still Get Excited When I See A Ladybird”

It’s a collection of monologues based around one work space. So far one has been written (the one that was born in Shropshire with Simon Stephen’s help) and blue-prints have been made for two others. I’m aiming for eight. Of course this is all subject to change so don’t hold me to anything except for the title, I quite like it.

That is all, on your way.

*The photograph is nothing to do with the play, I just wanted to reassure you all.


4 Responses to “Untitled (No Longer)”

  1. Gerry Says:

    I am reassured.

    For now.

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