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Kreativ Blogger Award December 24, 2009

The Lovely Jessica over at Writer’s Little Helper has kindly nominated me for a Kreativ Blogger Award. In her words…

    “Katie over at Katie McCullough Talks and Writes – Her writing motivation and chirpiness is inspiring”.


Well don’t that just warm my cockles and let’s face it they need warming after all this snow. I’m honoured to be given this award not only because it’s nice to get recognised for something AND not only because I’ve only been doing this since April this year BUT because I’m glad someone can make sense of what I write on here. It’s reassuring to say the least. And this award comes with some stipulations that I am to stick by which includes doing the following (I presume in an order of some sort):

* 1. Thank the person who nominated you for this award.
* 2. Copy the logo and place it on your blog.
* 3. Link to the person who nominated you for this award.
* 4. Name 7 things about yourself that people might find interesting.
* 5. Nominate 7 Kreativ Bloggers.
* 6. Post links to the 7 blogs you nominate.
* 7. Leave a comment on each of the blogs letting them know they have been nominated.

So I feel I can (politely) scrub out the first one after opening with that cracker Jess 😉

As for number two I’m hoping it’ll appear somewhere on this here blog… Let me get my electrical rubber gloves on and root around under the sink and see what I come up with.

Number three shall be done with utmost grace and with my usual subdued manner… … GO CLICK HERE THIS BE JESSICA PATIENT AND SHE’S A WELL GOOD WRITER DON’T YOU KNOW?


    Name 7 Things About Yourself That People (might) Find Interesting
  1. Somewhere in a primary school curriculum I feature quite heavily after being asked to write and illustrate a poem in response to Ted Hughes’ ‘The Iron Lady’. I even got to analyse it as part of the submission. I was a crafty sod when I was younger. Not sure what’s happened now.
  2. I’ve always wanted to write a musical and am hoping to crack on with that idea at some point whenever. I love my own vagueness at times, so you must adore it.
  3. Recently I imparted some desire with school girl glee to a friend that I want to write a part in a play for Peter Capaldi. Now I’ve told you lot as well you can humiliate me at how distant a dream that is. I charge by the laugh just so you know.
  4. I’ve not been in the black since the day before I went to university which was 6 or 7 years ago (I forget). And y’know what? I don’t care as long as I spend my monies on theatre, music and film. I’m sure my accountant would beg to differ. And when I say accountant I mean me because I’m self-employed and I still don’t care. I do welcome donations though.
  5. I have a crazy aversion to time. Sorry, Time. I don’t wear a watch for this very reason and cannot stand to waste a moment doing nothing therefore work constantly (and I mean pretty much constantly not none of this stopping and then having a sit down to watch TV) which is more than likely not very good for me. But it’s the way I am. And it’s why I’m always early. And I’m thinking that maybe having some form of a relationship would be good for me but when I think about the amount of time I dedicate to my own work I just imagine me screeching “but THIS is important…” Doesn’t bode well. Any takers?
  6. When I was twelve my ideal job was to be a receptionist at Abbey Road Studios. Even in my young age I was being realistic, oh no Katie did not want to be a roadie or a groupie, something more practical and within her means. A receptionist. Two years later my first job was to be a receptionist for a property developer. It was a bizarre year of my life which sometimes saw me working in his wife’s hairdressers washing hair dressed as a receptionist (long story). Then a year later I worked in an independent music shop which was to be my best job ever. I’ve yet to merge the two and fulfill my twelve year old dream. I think it’s changed since then.
  7. I have to sleep with music on, again it’s to do with the Time thing. It’s a way for me to take note of when I fall asleep. If I put an album on then I kinda know when I’m drifting off. If I put a playlist on then I know I’ve got four hours of which I’ll be lulled into a cosy sleep. More than often I put the radio on if I’m not at home (which I’m not) and I’m semi-conscious when I turn it off if it’s distracting me too much. What can I say, I loves me music and it’s been extremely important to me in my 25 years so far. But that’s a whole other story…

  8. Number four done and dusted and hopefully you’re all still here and not bored to tears. Now on to the most important points I feel. Five and six. Don’t they just sit together nicely.

    Reason, Season or Lifetime – I nominate Jo because she has an honesty and lyrical manner in her writing that makes it easy to read and hear. Plus she’s a sucker for pigs.

    Helen Thornber – I nominate Helen because I’ve never seen such an eclectic bunch of posts on one blog. You name it she’s got it; politics, writing, photography, lifestyle, gripes and much much more. She’s a Lovely girl with a cracking smile. Go seek her out!

    A Gasping Little Voice – I nominate Quin because she’s fruitful with her posts, each one a nugget of sharp writing that leaves you wanting more. A prominent member of the Six Sentences crew (which is where we both encountered each other) she’s a vivid writer.

    Allison Writes – I nominate Allison because I really enjoy reading her posts on what’s happening in her neck of the woods (being America) and in general how each one is carefully painted with delicacy and humour. She’s just gone to grad school and is never anywhere without her camera which is nice because we get to see the photographs. [The more I think about it the more I realise that I’ve been pretty much a silent reader of her blog, I like to think of it as polite stalking and I hope she’s not too freaked out that I’ve aired her here!]

    Musie – Alexandra has the knack of delivering you with tasty for the ol’ eyes meaty posts. They’re not necessarily laden with dialogue (unlike this one here) but they treat your eyeholes with gorgeous iconography or colours or pictures or anything that just looks good. And she doesn’t just post in the singular, she delves a little deeper and serves up something that will more than often make you follow it up… I know for sure I have many a time.

    Planet Ressort – Another Lovely Lady who has been poor on her blog posts as of late BUT has promised to get back into the swing of things. But there’s plenty there to be getting on with till she gets back from her hiatus. She’s a brilliant explorative writer and is kind enough to post her work on her site so go and have a gander, you won’t be let down I promise.

    Living Life in Tickle Belly Alley – Well what a name for a blog to begin with. Lisa is a kind spirit who is not only a burgeoning writer but a museum assistant drudging as much as she can. She got a heavenly calling from the Red Planet Prize last year and as far as I can tell deserved it by the amount of finished projects she has to her name and creative support.

    Breadcrumbs – I know this will officially make this EIGHT but Brenda’s blog is something that everyone should read to dip their toe into her wonderful writings. They’re personal, jump off the screen and I savour each one. Please go looksy. Ta.

    Crikey, this post has to be the one I’ve dwelled on for the most amount of time. I’m off for a cup of tea and more than likely a biscuit. Don’t judge me. Well you can, just don’t tell me about it till later. I dunno, maybe whisper it in my ear when I’m sleeping just do it quietly and don’t disturb my music.


6 Responses to “Kreativ Blogger Award”

  1. quin browne Says:

    well, spank my ass and call me charlie!! i’m beyond flattered!! seriously.

    now, of course, i have to try and be even a bit as creative as yourself… this will take a day or two of thinking–

    i am highly flattered, humbled, and tickled pink.

    oh, and, you are linked, did you know that??

    • Hahaha, that made me laugh! You should be flattered because I means it I do. And as for being tickled pink I cannot think of any other colour to be tickled so that’s all good.

      And yes, I did see that I’m linked… Now it’s my turn to be flattered 🙂


  2. Jo Cooper Says:

    Hallo Katie! Why thank you ever so much! It is nice to know someome reads my ramblings.

    I will do as the post requires and will put in some effort over the next couple of days (whilst my huge turkey-stuffed stomach deflates) to think of seven things.

    Hope you had have some jolly festive fun!

    • Excellent, spread the love Jo! I’m still deflating but I keep shovelling more stuff in so it may take some time… I had snotty festive fun. I hope you had the same, but obviously minus the snot.


  3. allison Says:

    Thanks again! I’m finally getting around to posting my response. You’re awesome!

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