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Stroke It and It Grows, Surely? December 10, 2009

Things are growing everywhere at the moment. The Christmas tree is slowly but surely sprouting above soil (thanks Teresa!) and I’m gradually getting full movement in my body post-gallbladder removal AND the script for The White Room is getting fuller and fuller every day.

The last rehearsal saw me presenting the group with new scenes that I’d written, one of which being a pivotal scene in the entire setup. It went down well and we discussed more about the piece as a whole and intense nature of the piece. Things are becoming very clear now and I’m not just sitting at my laptop staring at a blank screen wondering if the pressure of having weekly rehearsals would get to me first or the lack of solid performance space. But saying that things are gradually getting there and I’m feeling confident and striving ahead. It’s hard at the moment because I’m not a person to sit still and take the slow paced approach. I’m more than often juggling projects and flitting between competition deadlines and applying for schemes… But I’ve made a conscious effort to steer clear of any distractions and create a strong piece of work and then I can slowly bring in the other projects I want to work on once this is at a stronger state of being. It seems I can’t stop coming up with ideas at the moment and I’m succeeding in telling them to be quiet whilst I stroke the ego of this beast.


Rosemarie Partridge

And then last but not least, my Christmas tree in the making:

Wannabe Christmas Tree

If this blog post seems a little lucid and lacking usual Katie detail it’s because I’m really cold and can’t move much still. Yeah, c’mon, I want The Sympathies.


4 Responses to “Stroke It and It Grows, Surely?”

  1. My sympathies. You has them.

    Ace tree, by the way.

  2. Gerry Hayes Says:

    You have my sympathy. You and your little tree, too.

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