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Pay It Forward To The Nice Folk November 13, 2009

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A while ago the rather Lovely Teresa blogged a simple humbling idea that I was lucky to be part of which was the idea of paying it forward. Over at Teresa’s blog she asked for people to leave a comment and the first three people would receive such unpredictable gubbins through the post. See, I told you the idea was Lovely didn’t I?

And after my emotional return from Shropshire I found the parcel Teresa had sent me filled with stuff to warm my cockles. I promised I’d blog the gradual ascension of the goods she gave me so without further a do I now have photographs:

To Lady Katie

I would like to be addressed like this forthwith

Inside of which was a Lovely card:

Polite Demands

Polite Demands Were Held Inside

Of which asked of me to share the Lovely things I’d been given and of course I shook my head vigorously (even though there was no one in the house to see). Then to the delights I had in store…



In time for Christmas I have my own dinky Grow Your Own Christmas Tree of which the progression of my mini beast will be well documented on here. Here’s hoping it will not grow too tall. Then some bouncing putty which I LOVE! I’ve bought this as a gift many a-time for other people but never had some to myself. YES! It’s fun, that much I know is true. And then last but not least I have miniature clay of wonderous colours. It’s called Toy Clay but I like to call it MY Toy Clay. I’ve decided that after finding out my impending surgery date for gallbladder extraction is 4th December I will keep this close to hand to while away the quiet time I’ll have to be stuck in bed. Oh right, I know how to recuperate!

So my paying it forward time has arrived. Come one, come all… the first three people to leave a comment (preferably a nice one, I don’t want my happy bubble burst just yet) will get some small Loveliness sent their way. On the condition that, as I have just shown and stuck to, you must spread it on to people too. Share the Lovely things!


6 Responses to “Pay It Forward To The Nice Folk”

  1. Lisa Barrass Says:

    What a lovely idea and I hope your operation goes well. You know it makes you fart a lot afterwards!!! lol

    • Thanks Lisa, I’ll inform you of my wind content as soon as I get dispatched into the real world minus a gallbladder! You are comment person Number One who shall receive a gift soon. When you can email me your address and I’ll send some Lovely Stuff your way.


  2. armyofdave Says:

    Aw, making the world a happier place on ball of putty at at time. A lovely sentiment.

    I will accept all forms of loveliness.


    • Darn tootin’ straight! You should see my putty skills, they are something to behold. You are comment person Number Two who shall also receive some Lovely Gubbins through the post. Email me your address and expect some form of Loveliness to own yourself.


  3. Neil Says:

    This is right up my street of life. I would gladly pay it forward. You are an inspiration for karmic living. I hate the movie Pay It Forward.

    None of this is sarcastic, ironic, or a lie

    Neil x

    • And Neil makes it into the final position of comment person Number Three. I have to say I haven’t seen the film and people have told me not to. But I like this idea so will close my eyes and NOT think of Haley Joel Osment because he was like 12 in that film. All levels of wrongness. Email me your address and I will more than likely hand deliver yours because you’re just down the windy road.


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