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Two New Pieces And No Time In The Tin September 24, 2009

Very fleeting glimpse of me as I waft by…

Yes she's talking to you.

I’ve got a new piece up at The Pygmy Giant called“To The Arrogant Man On The Tube and also earlier this week I had “Wasp” published over at Ink Sweat & Tears. Go look at their sites as they’re Lovely people and publish some great work.

Tonight I’m sitting on a panel about playwriting alongside Steve Thompson, Charlotte Allam and Ashley Scott-Layton for students interested in pursuing that as a career.

Aside from that I’m still arranging stuff for the 48hr Film Challenge which I’ve yet to blog about. When I’m more settled and am sitting down for more than ten minutes I may just tell you a bit about it. Till then stay shiny.


4 Responses to “Two New Pieces And No Time In The Tin”

  1. willmarch Says:

    You look a bit like a debt collector here. “Reggie and Ronnie wanna ave a word wif ya”. But in a sexy way.

    • Sexy? Violent? Two of my tick boxes thoroughly checked. Consider your door next on my list March.

      Coincidentally I went to a talk with Philip Ridley on Sunday who wrote the screenplay for the film, ‘The Krays’. I love that film.

      “Giv’ us ya reddies you fookin’ numpty”.

  2. willmarch Says:

    There’s a great video doing the rounds on twitter, I’m sure you’ve seen it, with Danny Dyer and the Director of Outlaw. Its proper mockney gold.
    The best thing about Dvd’s is the commentary. Most people don’t bother with it but you get a real sense of how the project came together. The commentary on American Werewolf is hilarious and a little sad too. Best one though is The Changeling. I think its the Director’s accent that makes it so chilling.
    PS Waiting for that knock on the door.

    • I haven’t seen the commentary (I’ve got the DVD somewhere as well which I also haven’t seen). It’s a Nick Love affair isn’t it. He’s a guilty pleasure of mine as is Guy Ritchie. It’s too long to explain why I like them both, it’s not that they’re fantastic filmmakers or anything like that, it’s because they’re bloody well doing it. I’ve often threatened my Boss with an essay about why people should lay off Guy Ritchie which when I have time I’m sure I’ll do. As I say, my head is too bunged up with phlegm to even begin to explain neither my love or hatred for them both.

      But I digress…

      It’s good when you have the writer doing the commentary. These days the majority of the selling point is the director so they whack them on the DVD extras. But then again it depends on who you have featured in the project, most films these days are championed by writer/directors rather than splitting the two roles they’re splicing them together.

      To be honest I think the last time I sat and listened to the commentary properly is when I watched Firefly a few years back. I’ve yet to start Neverwhere which a friend has lent me; Neil Gaiman series from early 90s which apparently he provides excellent commentary on.


      p.s. I’m nine streets down. Got some messy business I’m currently up to my balls in right now. You’re next. Soon.

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