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Please Give This Lady Red Wine Please September 19, 2009

It’s been a busy busy time in Katieville recently. I’ve had to make lots of decisions with regards to what I actually want to be doing and what work goes where and who sees what. All those annoying (potential) big decisions that seem the biggest you need to clamber over but once it’s done the deed is indeed done and then you realise you were being an overly dramatic mopey walrus (just me huh?).

So I decided to send the second play* I wrote for the Invitation Only group whilst at the Royal Court ahead to Simon Stephens in prep for the Arvon course in November. It was a tough call as it was either make one theatre script super duper worked on and shiny or choose the lesser worked on and newer project and then have the end result being two shiny projects to work from. So I opted for the latter choice which should be good as I’ve not even looked at that script since I handed it in earlier this year. Reignite the passion is the plan and what better way to do it with Simon Stephen’s guidance.

*I realise it would make sense if I actually called them by their names. First play is called, “Thursday’s Child” and second play is called, “Within Grasp”.

The dangling (first) script* from the Introduction Group is one that keeps pestering me to rewrite the next draft but I really can’t be bothered. I have no motivation for it at present and I keep getting annoyed at this factoid. So much so that I’ve hastily sent it to someone who wanted to read the next draft just so I could wash my hands of it for a while. I haven’t been stupid enough to send them a draft they’ve already read, I’ve sent them the fuller textured third draft although I was planning on sending them the fourth. Meh. Sometimes I am a tad impatient. But if it gives me a clearer head for a while and I don’t feel too guilty for not working on it then it can only be good.

Katie should not pull this face near you.

I’ve been on a roll recently with short story submissions here, there and everywhere and when they’re up and ready to be perused I will submit the links on this very blog. I also recently did a guest stint over at Lucy Vee’s blog which be here. Lucy’s blog is rammed with information on reading, writing and more importantly is a healthy scriptual kick up the arse as to what you should be doing. She’s a Lady with a keen eye to help you with your script and comes with added humour and not at a very large price either (for reading your script that is).

Workshops have started for “The Yellow Wallpaper” and as ever these kids are fantastic. Unfortunately because it’s that time of year where they go off to uni to begin their further education of late nights, lack of proper stationery and alcohol the two excellent guinea pigs won’t be able to be involved in the final project. They were bloody marvellous and I wish I could develop the piece more with them but we also have two bloody fantastic stand-ins to step up the game and see the piece to fruition. Since I’ve started this out-of-the-blue adaptation route it’s been interesting. To take the structure and layer your own neatly cut pieces to make a new shiny colourful beast is a great feeling. And I love the collaborative side of a project like this; when you’re on a roll and you all share the same vision. It’s fantastic when the eyes light up and you all realise you’re thinking the same thing. Brilliant, I cannot wait to really get my hands dirty.

I will be doing so after I’ve whipped up another script of mine I haven’t touched for a while for the Rocliffe New Writing Forum at BAFTA. I made myself re-read my script and can admit I’ve fallen back in love with it and instantly knew which bits needed to be culled and reshaped. It was like sticking two fingers (and a fucking big knife) up to the person who basically defecated on my script and said some vile irritating things about my work. This wasn’t a case of me not handling feedback well (anyone who knows me will agree) this person said some rather unwarranted and holy inappropriate comments and made me angry for at least a week. I still can’t hold a proper conversation with them but I’m proud of this script and his comments are slowly being erased from my mind.

And to top it all off my script that I’d completely forgotten about in the BSSC competition made it through the beatings to make the first round. Let’s see if I can beat my personal best this year.

Give this Lady red wine.

There’s plenty more to babble about but I’m well hungry and gasping for a cup of tea. Really I want a red wine but I have none. Really I should have done this as a videoblog so you didn’t have to read this much. But it’s cold and I would have looked like I was desperate for red wine.


2 Responses to “Please Give This Lady Red Wine Please”

  1. Go to the shop… get the wine… it’ll help you write…

    (Just lending you the voice from my head. I’ll take it away again now.)

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