Katie Mccullough Talks and Writes

Words will get written here and some videoblogs will appear. You don't have to look but it would be nice if you did.

Re-Introducing… Katie! August 19, 2009


8 Responses to “Re-Introducing… Katie!”

  1. Allen Says:

    A great couple of nights in the theatre coming up – hooray. I hope your parents and your gallbladder can take it?! Please do something on Edinburgh, need to know what’s hot so I can get grumpy and jealous about it all.

    • I’m hoping I don’t confuse my parents with my gallbladder, it could get rather embarrassing when I start discussing emotional content with my midriff (well, slightly higher, so my breasticles really). Cannot wait to see “Pornography” again and “Jerusalem”. In fact I’ve just realised this is a week of revisiting shows I’ve seen.

      Of course I’ll do something on Edinburgh. I’ll make you feel as grumpy and jealous as you want. In the most nicest possible way of course.

  2. Katie, looking forward to hearing about the shows. Hope the gall-bladder op happens soon.

  3. frankhinton Says:

    oh my, I hope you get better! I had no idea. You certainly are talented to keep so busy while being sick. 🙂

    • Thanks Frank, we’re hoping by whipping out a few organs my body will have a peaceful existence. Here’s to hoping!

      Thanks for calling me talented, I still think of you as an Omnipotent Internet God 😉

  4. quin browne Says:

    love the hair.


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