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Six Sentences July 28, 2009

Six Sentences can be found here with all the info and gubbins is you would like to send some material to them also.

My first ever piece, “Cheers Mother” will be posted up on Wednesday 29th July and my second piece, “Cigarettes and Ice-Cream” will be debuting on Tuesday 11th August.

I’m well excited 🙂


4 Responses to “Six Sentences”

  1. armyofdave Says:

    That’s a very cool site. Never knew of it’s existence until now.

    I may knock something up. And then write an entry.

    • Thank yee Dave, it’s definitely a nifty exercise for exploration of vocabulary and grammar/punctuation. And fun and you get the mini rush of finishing something quicker than our opuses right? (is that the correct term… opus plural? opi hmmm).

  2. willmarch Says:

    Hi there Kate. That was me phoning you there to ask what your number was. Nevermind will try later.

    • You didn’t leave a message though did you?

      (Then again I don’t touch that phone at all so if I try to check for messages then the whole universe will implode and I’ll resemble a duck on steroids. You heard that here first.)

      Please leave a message after the tone…

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