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Katie’s Crashing Into Many Mediums July 17, 2009

Here I be, tired and slightly zoned out gawping at my own reflection. I present to you, The One, The Only… Katie Fluffy Head McCullough!

(Please insert your pathetic excuse of a drumroll here, possibly a whimper too)

Completely forgot to say congratulations to Lucy Vee and Michelle Goode for getting a second reading on their CBBC scripts, you are the envy of the uninformed masses that also entered the competition. These two ladies are obviously hot stuff and I know that Michelle is going to be developing her script further so whatever these scripts turn into, good luckems to both of you.

My Lovely Boss gave me a good ol’ talking to about agents. I should be looking for one. When I find one I’ll let you know… it could be some time. Which reminds me I now have business cards courtesy of moo.com and shall be passing them out at any given opportunity in one hand whilst the other cradles a cold, cold gin. Once more for those at the back:

Busy-busi-bizy-ness cards


2 Responses to “Katie’s Crashing Into Many Mediums”

  1. allison Says:

    Those are really cute business cards! I had made some mini-cards at Moo when they had some sort of giveaway, but I haven’t been back. Looks like I need to.

    “and shall be passing them out at any given opportunity in one hand whilst the other cradles a cold, cold gin.”
    That made me crack up – right up my alley!

    • Thanks for stopping by Allison, we can share the glinting Gin bottle between us. You ain’t got no cooties right?

      The mini-Moo cards are darn sweet, although I’d have a tendency to lose them. Good for ickle people though, no? So far I’ve given them to friends. They seem to be more excited that I have a business card and not because I’m trying to be a writer. Ho hum, would you like a business card of mine? Nah, you’ll probably want that Gin…

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