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Brief (if I can EVER be brief) July 6, 2009

Once again the video cuts of (or so I think it did). But basically I was rambling about how we all find out this Friday whose made it through the first cull of the CBBC entries for the Masterclass at the arse end of this month. Good luck to all my fellow Twitterers who have entered, wouldn’t it be great to get a healthy smattering of us in there!

Also this month I’m going to BUG at the Southbank which is an ace night dedicated to music videos and curated by the genius that is Adam Buxton. For anyone whose interested in decent, different and generally rather kickass music videos get yourself down there. It’s every other month and sells out quick but it’s well worth it. I missed the last one but this time there’s no stopping me.

Can’t remember if I mentioned it before the video cut out but Alice in Wonderland is being performed this month so if anyone has booked to come and see (or is indeed in the area) let me know so I can bob my head up and come and mumble hallo at you.

Other exciting things that have happened to me this month (well, possibly stretching back to last month seeing as we’ve taken a fresh step into a new one) have included booking tickets to go see Spiritualized, Grizzly Bear and Cinematic Orchestra. All of which make me cream myself with pure excitement. I’ve seen both Spiritualized and Cinematic Orchestra on many occasions but who cares, they’re flipping ace. Also wrote a piece about lusting after Shannyn Sossamon for a fellow Twitterer for a zine. That was extremely fun to do. Now got to crack on with my 15min play for the Offcut Festival and then I can crack on with the short story competitions I mentioned.

Can’t remember what else I had to tell you except I love it when you do that thing, yeah that thing. You look real hot when you do it. Just so you know.

Latoirs tiddleypeeps.


8 Responses to “Brief (if I can EVER be brief)”

  1. Sofluid Says:


    What short story comps are you entering? I’m thinking of entering this one: http://www.guardian.co.uk/books/2009/jun/20/short-story-competition-guardian-weekend in between getting my current script critiqued!

    Good luck with all your writing! When’s your play being shown and is it too late to get tix?


    • Hallo sweetness!

      I’m definitely aiming for the Tonto competition (http://www.tontobooks.co.uk/blog/tonto-short-story-comp/) and I’m looking to write some stuff for general submission to Notes From The Underground magazine because I entered a competition of theirs (results tomorrow, I’m so not holding my breath because new to this area) but would like to aim for a publication with them. They’re over here: http://www.notesfromtheunderground.co.uk/

      As for the Guardian comp I know Steph’s entering as I’ve been giving feedback on her piece. I’m not sure if I can cram something into such a short space of time… but then again I did manage to do the CBBC thing. Who knows I may dabble 🙂

      Thanks for the luck, having the time and space to finally do some is a brilliant feeling. Alice is being performed 22nd to the 26th of this month. If you fancy coming I can get a comp ticket for you; I’m going Wednesday, Saturday and Sunday. Let me know hun.


  2. Antonia Says:

    Good luck with short story subs, girls. Here’s a good one to enter, but the deadline for this year has hust passed. Maybe next year?


    • I did look at that one but ironically I didn’t feel as comfortable when I happened upon it earlier this year. Now I feel more confident in the short story format it’s cut me up and got ahead of me… dammit! Did you enter? Next year? Defo.

  3. Antonia Says:

    Also, check out Quiller’s Place for the best comp calendar:


  4. Antonia Says:

    I haven’t yet entered this, but know a few who have and know someone who won it one year. I’m going to enter next year, same as you. Quiller’s Place has a bit of everything for everyone, I’d say. She’s @Quillers on Twitter, by the way.

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