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Sidestep to Screen, Step Back to Theatre June 25, 2009

The video cut out before I finished saying what I needed to… so basically it was me saying that I’ll post the link to Theatrix for those of you in the Hertfordshire area who would like to come along and see these kids in action. I may have written the words but it the astounding talent of these kid’s acting ability and their use of timing and comedy that really make it.

I’m perpetually knackered at the moment so I’m either going to go lose some hours by lying down or I’m going to crack on with the scripts I need to read for my next script meeting next week. And I’ve just realised I’ve dressed myself as if I’m in an Ibsen play, how rather dashing of me.

As promised links to all those I’ve mentioned and as I’ve said in the video please let me know if you read this and are entering so I can add you.

Gerry Hayes
Michelle Goode
Neil Baker
Allen O’Leary
Penny Mayhew
Robin Kelly

And this be the Boss/Friend/Mentor/Extremely Lovely Person I mentioned who does indeed have a blog as well. Linky be here: Ben Blaine


11 Responses to “Sidestep to Screen, Step Back to Theatre”

  1. Neil Says:

    Hey, good vlog. Sorry to hear about the 24hr play – is it on next year?

    Right there with you RE: CBBC. Never written for kids before; different! I’m not going to say my entry is the best I’ve written but the 30-min limit did make my writing tighter so that’s always a good thing. Found it harder to stick to a 3 act structure (with teaser and tag) I usually use though.

    Best of luck with the CBBC script – from the sounds of things it’s pretty good. And we all love our magical stories.

    Neil πŸ™‚

    • Thanks Neil. I think it’s on next year, but there’s an age cap if I remember correctly (could possibly be wrong). Still gutted though, can’t make my mind up if knowing I got through to second round is pleasing or just plain messy teasing. Anywho…

      The 30min limit does make you assess and reassess everything you write; descriptions have to be to the point and dialogue has to be carefully considered and not waffle. What with Twitter’s 140 characters and my fascination with flash fiction at the moment I’m condensing quite well! Always good to put ourselves to the test, who knows this could be our forte and we’d never know unless we try it.

      Best of luck to you too, pat on the back for finishing and a few soft mints as a reward Neil πŸ™‚

      • Neil Says:

        If there isn’t an age limit, I say you go for it again. You’ve got a better chance than someone who hasn’t entered before cos for starters, you know what doesn’t work! And they’ll remember that you got to the 2nd round so I’d say that’s a plus – be proud of that!

        We’ll all find out on 10th July if we’re through to the last 20 on CBBC. Got my uni year 2 results on 9th too. Eeek!

        • Thanks Neil πŸ™‚

          10th July here we all come and twiddle our thumbs! Sounds like you’re going to have one busy week. Fingers crossed for both things!

          • Sofluid Says:

            Awww thanks for the mention! And good luck to you too!

            From reading and critiquing other people’s entries I can certainly say the standard was very high among us bloggers and twitterers. I’d be really surprised if none of us got through!

            Best of luck to everyone!

            • S’alright me dear! I’m glad that the gentle yet persuasive nudge from you, Allen and Penny made me go outside of my comfort zone. In doing so I completely fell in love with my characters.

              From reading and hearing people’s progress via Twitter and blogs alike it seems we’re at least owed a large collective pat on the back.

              Let me know when you’ve cracked yours from your printer and sent off. Maybe we could squeeze in a drink soon?


  2. Allen Says:

    Nice one Katie, well done.

    Now that you have mentioned me I am bailing out of the CBBC comp – purely because you mentioned me actually and I can’t handle the pressure πŸ™‚ In my defense I have written first ten pages and outline for A ScriptFactory competition instead.

    I love the Ibsen look. I think you should max it out and make up back stories about your family – the bankrupt Lawyer Uncle, the Father dying of STDs, the sister going quietly mad in the corner… clearly you would have to change your name to fit… how about Katryn Kullvald?

    It’s late, I need to shut up and go to bed.

    • Thanks Allen! Although I feel like you owe it to me to still enter seeing as I’ve named (and partially shamed) you. Tut, tut Mister O’Leary. Of course I jest, glad to hear you can back up your excuse with another entry to another competition. This pleases me so πŸ™‚

      Katryn Kullvald is my real name… how did you…? Allensko Olevilliasky, my long lost brother could it be? Tell me about it, my Father is *always* dying of The Herpes, such an inconvenience and a damn mess on my floor. I feel a little too at home around this Ibsen-esque environment we’ve created.

      Let us know how you’re getting on with the ScriptFactory shenanigans.

  3. Antonia Says:

    Sorry to hear about the 24 hour opportunity, but you made the first round! I know it’s not a great consolation, but you KNOW by making that round, that you can write well, and people like what you do, so well done for that!

    Also, the Royal Court want a second draft?? Yikes!

    Well done also on the Theatrix performance.

    Five days left before CCB shortlist announced! (That did deserve another exclamation mark).

    • Thank you Antonia, it’s one of those things you have to deal with but even though you know rejection well it still stings. But onwards and upwards like there’s no tomorrow!

      I suppose it’s one of the drawbacks of being in a craft that warrants someone else’s approval. Not that I constantly need people to keep prodding me and telling me the same thing over and over, but there are so many writers out there trying to achieve the same thing it does make you wonder; what makes me any different from the rest? A very existential question but hey, it is after a Monday and they deserve such a pondering.

      Re Royal Court, yes my tutor really liked the script and wants the next draft which did give me a pleasant kick up the arse at the time but then got horribly sidetracked by the CBBC script. I am aiming to have next draft done incredibly soon, exciting times. Just to get it read by their literary department is all good and tasty.

      Theatrix performances coming up soon… just hope the sunny (minus the rainy) weather holds up. It’s in an ampitheatre so could be a problem.

      Cannae wait for CBBC announcement, I’ll be so happy if even just one of us lot got on it. A teeny bit jealous but in the good way!!

  4. Antonia Says:

    I know, it stings like hell, dunnit?

    Hope your other projects prove to be fruitful.

    Yeah, CBBC, we’re all excited and the waiting, oh the waiting…one of us must make it, if not ALL of us. Now wouldn’t that be something.

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