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A flutter, a twitter in my heart… June 9, 2009


8 Responses to “A flutter, a twitter in my heart…”

  1. Gerry Hayes Says:

    I’m just on Twitter for the grooming.

    Glad to hear you’re more succinct now. I heard the director’s cut of your first video blog ran to six hours. Looking forward to hearing it with commentary.

  2. And groomed you shall be. Or ungroomed in the eyes of society as the beard shall stay.

    You heard correct. Succinct has never been my middle name… I’ll release a boxset in years to come and I’ll never be satisified that I’ve cut down on my umms and arrs. And freaky facial expressions.

    • Jessica Says:

      I agree with all that you said. I prefer Twitter now (who cares if a ‘friend’ has taken a quiz on facebook. lol.

      • Exactly! Plus with Twitter you don’t have this barrier of, “who the hell are you?” In fact you almost welcome that more so you can come over that. Thanks for watching by the way! Kx.

  3. Sofluid Says:

    Yay! I’m famous!

    He he, thanks for the mention!

    I’ve reciprocated the kind gesture over at my gaff!

    Looking forward to seeing you on monday!

    Email me your mobile number and I’ll txt you mine πŸ™‚

    What time roughly are you planning on getting into London?

    • Famous indeed, and thanks for the mention over at your place! Ta πŸ™‚

      Can’t wait to see you in the flesh on Monday. Don’t know my mobile number off by tappety tap heart just yet so I’ll DM you my number on Twitter latoir.

      Not sure what time I’m getting there. May head in around 3ish. We need to get there for 4:30pm – if I can remember the email correctly. What time you getting there for?

  4. Sofluid Says:

    Neil and I will be there all day so if you want heads up on where we are just gimme a text or phone me or something πŸ™‚ We might get a bite to eat before or after the session (not sure which yet) and you’re welcome to join us πŸ™‚

  5. You without doubt have a style all your own when it comes to creating these nice blog posts.

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