Katie Mccullough Talks and Writes

Words will get written here and some videoblogs will appear. You don't have to look but it would be nice if you did.

Catch Up Katie May 27, 2009


9 Responses to “Catch Up Katie”

  1. Caroline Says:

    You did pronounce my name right, thank you x

  2. Excellent, glad I did otherwise it would have been rather rude!


  3. Nik Perring Says:

    Thrilled you liked Black Boxes! Brill, innit!

    N X

  4. Brill indeed Perring, brill indeed.


  5. Jessica Says:

    Wolves in the Walls is a great book – I read it and then went to see the stage production (with puppets)! It was fab

    J 🙂

  6. I would have loved to have seen that Jessica, I love how the environment is created meaning that the parents accept this as the norm. And the conversation and ‘it’, had me in smile heaven.


  7. That was meant to say “And the conversation ABOUT ‘it’, had me in smile heaven”.

  8. Sofluid Says:

    Oooooooooo you have a blog! I’m following you now!

    I’m the same – have LOADS of books on my shelf and I haven’t read them all but I. Can’t. Stop. Buying. More! DOH!


    Awesome blogvid!


  9. Hallo Michelle!

    So many ways to follow one another… I expect to see your desk littered with notes and pinboards crammed with tasty notes, I demand it in fact!

    I’m slowly building my own library it’s true. And I’m horribly overdue on some of them… I punish myself by buying more books. It’s how I justify it in my head anywho.

    Cheers for watching,


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